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[DD1]I believe in CoT

50 Day 2,068, 19:18 Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello dear readers,

After a long period of two-click i decided to write one article, article for CoT, my alliance.
If you wanna troll, feel free to do it. It will make us only stronger read more »

Собирање на средства

17 Day 2,005, 10:16 Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Здраво Македонијо,

Пишувам повторно статија, но овојпат наменета за сосема поинаква цел. Целта на мојата статија е собир на што поголем број на средства за утрешната битка со Турција.
Секој оној што има да донира тенкови за доброто на еМакедонија

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[DarkoDimovski1]Current situation of the eWorld [ENG/MKD]

30 Day 1,980, 10:49 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Greetings to all,

After a long period in 2 click I decided to write an article related to recent developments in the eWorld. In this article i’ll write a few recent things that happened and might happened. MPP between Serbia and Romania, … read more »

[DarkoDimovski1]Крај на една приказна

37 Day 1,923, 14:46 Belgium Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

For my foreign friends, this is my last goodbye to this game. I'm glad for meeting so many foreign players in this game. Till the next time..

Почитувани Макеread more »

Happy new Year eBelgium + giveaway food and q7 weps

34 Day 1,871, 08:00 Belgium Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello eBelgium,

First of all i want to wish you a lot of luck in this 2013, a lot of RL money, success, hapiness, love and etc.
I'm going to giveaway food and q7 weapon for every player who have Belgian citizenship.

All read more »