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Official newspaper of the eUS Department of Education.

Current Secretary of Education: Code-Y


Q2 House Raffle

4 Day 679, 19:09 USA

Congratulations to Zane Dilay the winner of the Q1 House

The first House Raffle was a success. The Next raffle will be a Q2 house.Strange Robinson was nice … read more »

Mentoring 101 - First Message

7 Day 670, 22:22 USA

Mentoring is one of the most important programs we have. It is more important than Meals On Wheels, It is more than the Flying Unicorn Squadron. … read more »

Department of Education Sponsored Raffle

5 Day 668, 23:25 USA

One for you!!

Come one, Come all. Step right up and be the first one to buy a ticket. What we have here is a a beautiful Q1 House. Its a slightly … read more »

Citizenship Module v1.1

7 Day 659, 23:17 USA

A couple of months ago the new citizenship module was unveiled to the world. It was greeted with mixed reviews. The idea was to prevent the PTO(Political Take-Over). For those of you who may not know what a PTO is it is when a group of citizens from

read more »

For The Love of God think of the Children

19 Day 658, 21:03 USA

Ladies and Gentlemen I come to you today with hat in hand. The eUSA's most valued resource needs your help. Our children are in danger. "For the love of God Think of the Children"

Our most valued resource is our new players. We have been trying

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