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Official newspaper of the eUS Department of Education.

Current Secretary of Education: Evil.Elvis


New Citizen Education: Building Your eRepublik Career

23 Day 1,056, 14:52 Published in USA USA

If you've been reading the DoE articles so far, you've learned the ins and outs of a slew of game mechanics. Today, I'll be covering the social aspect, the very essence of ladder climbing and ceiling breaking most people dream of. There are many

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New Citizen Education: How To Guide to eRepublik Journalism

5 Day 1,048, 16:08 Published in USA USA

Today's article originally published in Mizu's News, by Julian Mizu, Deputy Director of the eUS Department of Education, Seal Team 6 C.O., founder of the RiPl Project and all-around great guy. Enjoy, [url= more »

New Citizen Education: An Unwritten History

18 Day 1,047, 18:11 Published in USA USA

Hello, my name is rainy sunday and I am an eRepublik addict.

Today, I write to extend a warm welcome to our newest citizens to … read more »

North American University is back!

29 Day 693, 11:49 Published in USA USA

After a long hiatus due to the war, NAU is finally returning for a new semester! Here is your opportunity to learn about a variety of different topics in the New World. NAU is sponsored by the eUS Government and the eUS Department of Education. The

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Q2 House Raffle

4 Day 679, 19:09 Published in USA USA

Congratulations to Zane Dilay the winner of the Q1 House

The first House Raffle was a success. The Next raffle will be a Q2 house.Strange Robinson was nice … read more »