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Official newspaper of the eUS Department of Education.

Current Secretary of Education: MrCarey


Education Today Update: Training and Ranks

37 Day 1,083, 06:52 Published in USA USA

Consider this a new "series" in the DoE, for issues stuck in an awkward limbo between "quiet article update" and "full-blown guide article". The admin recently made a … read more »

The U.S. Department of Education - The Information Web

33 Day 1,077, 08:55 Published in USA USA

Are you a new player looking for help and tutorials on all matters eRepublik? Are you a veteran looking for quick answers about one topic? These two requests no longer have to be contradictory. The Department of Education is happy to reveal the

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New Citizen Education: Your First Days in eRepublik

25 Day 1,075, 06:22 Published in USA USA

Your first few days in eRepublik can be harrowing days. Luckily for you, citizen, the Department of Education is here to walk you through those days, and before you'll know it, we'll get you supplied, integrated, and ready to fight for the greatest

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New Citizen Education: Fighting, Battles, and Healing

28 Day 1,071, 15:30 Published in USA USA

If war is inherent to mankind, all-out world wars are inherent to citizenkind. We have a plethora of alliances and enemies that we need to fight for or against day in and day out. Fighting in our wars can feel like an overwhelming concept at first,

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New Citizen Education: U.S. Politics

22 Day 1,064, 11:32 Published in USA USA

Have you ever looked at the event list for our country and seen all those random yellow events about this getting passed and this getting rejected? How about reading articles from prominent figures warning about PTOs and requesting blockers? In this

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