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Official newspaper of the eUS Department of Education.

Current Secretary of Education: Delyruin


Department of Education Guide: Using Google Documents with eRepublik

10 Day 448, 13:02 USA

The use of Google Documents within eRepublik is essential to optimizing your game experience. Whether you want to fill out a form when applying for a cabinet position, are requesting supplies from the QMG to fight in a war, or if you are a

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Department of Education Update and Surveys Galore

6 Day 447, 11:22 USA

As the new Presidential term starts, the Department of Education is making some changes too. Although leadership is staying the same, the Department of Education is looking for new active members. If you have a passion for helping the eRepublik

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Department of Education: 12 Tips for a Newbie Congressman

17 Day 439, 11:13 USA

So, you're a noob Congressman, eh? You've followed the Department of Education's guide on how to get elected to Congress and now you've made it. Great, now you maybe thinking, "Department of Education, you got me elected, but how do I legislate?"

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Department of Education: Pricing Products

13 Day 436, 16:41 USA

Today I noticed some troubling figures in the Marketplace when I went to collect some figures for a personal study I am doing.

There are Q2 products that are not selling for the prices that they should be selling for. Although our previous

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Department of Education: Two Ways of Mass PMing v1.0

8 Day 435, 17:39 USA

We at the DoE know how some players send out ridiculous amounts of messages per day on a regular basis using a technique called Mass PMing. I can assure you that both the members of the AAP and the citizens of New Jersey know that I am a

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