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Official newspaper of the eUS Department of Education.

Current Secretary of Education: SavageWatson & Cholan II


New Citizen Education: Your First Days in eRepublik

37 Day 1,137, 13:00 USA

Your first few days in eRepublik can be harrowing days. A lot of citizens find themselves trapped with no money and no health from fighting. It's easy to screw yourself right off the bat in this game, there's no sign telling you "don't fight unless

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New Citizen Education: Fighting and Healing

28 Day 1,121, 01:11 USA

If war is inherent to mankind, all-out world wars are inherent to citizenkind. We have a plethora of alliances and enemies that we need to fight for or against day in and day out. Fighting in our wars can feel like an overwhelming concept at first,

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Under the Hood of America, Part 2: Parties of America

28 Day 1,110, 15:43 USA

Next up in our inspection Under the Hood of America is parties, the vehicle of both our political system and our domestic security. The U.S. incorporates a 5-party system, using the primary 5 parties to select presidential and congressional

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Education Today Update: New Raw Materials

15 Day 1,106, 15:21 USA

As you may have heard, the raw materials used to create products in companies have changed. Just about everything about them, even their appearance. This here article … read more »

Under the Hood of America, Part 1: The Executive

29 Day 1,104, 16:33 USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

The Executive branch, like real life, is the part of America's government that concerns the President, his advisors, secretaries, and departments. Unlike real life, the Executive holds a tremendous amount of power compared to the Legislative. As

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