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[New Campaign] "Good To Have Friends"

19 Day 1,240, 06:37 Ireland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello eIreland,

On this fine Day 1240 I have some news for you, the launch of a new independent fund raiser, "Good To Have Friends".

The … read more »

Bring Back Irish Military Might!

12 Day 1,222, 12:24 Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Citizens of Ireland,

This is a call to arms; for the past few weeks, we have seen unrest and inactivity which can only be compared to that … read more »

Did someone say censornship?

7 Day 1,216, 07:29 Ireland

[img]http://img109.[/img]read more »

[LIME] Viva La Revolution!

8 Day 1,212, 17:08 Ireland

read more »

[Analysis] Open letter on unity

14 Day 1,208, 16:28 Ireland

At first glance: it appears a random sequence of numbers has inherited the ability to form sentences and comprehend the complexities of Irish emotion, in what looks … read more »