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DoD Orders April 25 (Day 887 @ 14:02) ATTACK WESTERN TRANSDANUBIA

45 Day 885, 07:51 USA

My Fellow Americans,


Please wait until your last log in to fight, the situation is fluid … read more »

DoD Orders April 24 (Day 886 @ 15:00) MULTIPLE BATTLES

34 Day 884, 10:38 USA

My Fellow Americans,

Day 885 was very good for the Allies. Russia was pushed out of the strategic region of Jilin, Croatia repelled the Huns & Serbs and in the US we secured all RWs and … read more »

DoD Orders April 23 (Day 885 @ 08:00) DEFEND CROATIA!!!

29 Day 883, 12:26 USA

My Fellow Americans,

Once again the Serbs are taking a shot at our friends in Croatia. Say what you will about certain members of EDEN the Croats have always been true friends. All citizen … read more »

DoD Orders April 22 (Day 884 14:00) Multiple Battles

17 Day 882, 18:14 USA

My Fellow Americans,

Our fine friends in Phoenix have been kind enough to fund multiple training battles for us today. Please follow this order before fighting:

Defend MINDANAO until read more »

DoD Order April 21 (Day 883 12:09) DEFEND NORTHERN CAPE

30 Day 881, 16:44 USA

My Fellow Americans,


Remember, new hospital rules in effect! Use this battle to gain experience, … read more »