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A message for Friends - Brazil's Government

135 Day 1,156, 18:41 Published in Serbia Serbia

As you know, Brazil and Serbia has a very close and long relationship. For as far as anyone here can recall, our countries have been close friends, helping each other as much as humanly possible, in many … read more »

[MdC] Diário de Governo - 19 de Janeiro

17 Day 1,156, 17:43 Published in Brazil Brazil

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[MdC] Novidades e Outras Informações

25 Day 1,153, 14:26 Published in Brazil Brazil

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A Brotherhood History - Serbia And Brasil

222 Day 1,150, 19:34 Published in Serbia Serbia

Hello, I am Brazilian President Nihoof, and I am very happy to be writing on Sebia, one of our greatest allies.
We wanted to share this with you, and we hope our brotherhood keeps on forever:

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[MdC] Diário de Governo - 12 de Janeiro

22 Day 1,149, 12:48 Published in Brazil Brazil

Diário de Governo - 11 de Janeiro

Boa tarde!

Conforme o prometido, estou publicando um pequeno resumo do trabalho realizado pelos Ministros até agora. Nem todos responderam, … read more »