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Over 1000 articles published, in eight newspapers, in two countries.
Yeah, I've done that.

About This Primary Election

19 Day 986, 04:27 Published in USA USA

I don't have to go out lookin' for trouble.
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It seems to find me just sittin' right here...
so I read more »

Like it or Not...

11 Day 984, 16:52 Published in USA USA

I'm Here To Stay
<img src="" />
I do intend to pull back my game a bit.
But I'm not shuttin' up, not read more »

Post-Election Clean-Up

15 Day 982, 09:30 Published in USA USA

Sometimes the best intended efforts...

Four days after the Congressional election, and I'm finally getting around to cleaning up.

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Playing and Living Less Intensely

27 Day 981, 14:54 Published in USA USA

Porch Sitting, a Pedestrian View

I've got several things on my mind, but I think clearing up this one annoying point
will allow me to move on to
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Congratulations, 32nd Congress! Congratulations, America!

14 Day 979, 19:18 Published in USA USA

We're Already Off to a Good Start

The American Military read more »