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Playing and Living Less Intensely

27 Day 981, 14:54 Published in USA USA

Porch Sitting, a Pedestrian View

I've got several things on my mind, but I think clearing up this one annoying point
will allow me to move on to
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Congratulations, 32nd Congress! Congratulations, America!

14 Day 979, 19:18 Published in USA USA

We're Already Off to a Good Start

The American Military read more »

It Ain't Over Till It's Over

31 Day 978, 21:06 Published in USA USA

Not Till the Fat Lady Sings
S.E.E.S. Strategy is a Last Minute Bump!

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Oh, Did I Piss Somebody Off?

40 Day 977, 16:01 Published in USA USA

Is S.E.E.S. So Afraid of Little Old Me?
Is It A Case Of "Desparate Times Call For Desparate Measures"?
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5 Day 975, 23:02 Published in USA USA

We need to put something between the shitstorm of my previous article and the seriousness of the next.
It's disappointing but not surprising to see that some folks just can't handle a difference of opinion, some … read more »