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New World Cup Final Supply

14 Day 2,422, 22:35 Japan Battle orders Battle orders

Hi eJapan!

Now begun the New World Cup final and Japan and Japanesse people can prizes win.

The grovernment voted the supply for all eJapan people.
You can daily weapon and food request.


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"MoF" Orgs 2012.06

12 Day 2,421, 03:57 Japan Financial business Financial business

Hi all!

In this month (june) i dont make nothing, i just observed. Shadowmaniac managed the Org's.

Here is initial ballance (2012.06.07)


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eJapan's geographical situation

12 Day 2,408, 10:14 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hi eJapan!

I collected some data. It may help to the government...

Justice for eJapan!!

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[MoF] Orgs 2014.06

4 Day 2,391, 03:35 Japan Financial business Financial business

Greetings eJapan!

I'm MoF of eJapan staring at March.

In March was the starting ballance in ORG's:

We have many cost: cultural missions, rw staring, q7 weapon for fight, grant congress...


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[MoF] Orgs

10 Day 2,302, 04:00 Japan Financial business Financial business

Greetings eJapan!

Sorry, i dont was time up to now for article writing.

I got the orgs. All orgs email, and pass has been changed for maximal safety.

I summarized eJapan's property. So let's look the starting balance:

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