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"MoF" Orgs 2012.06

12 Day 2,421, 03:57 Japan Financial business Financial business

Hi all!

In this month (june) i dont make nothing, i just observed. Shadowmaniac managed the Org's.

Here is initial ballance (2012.06.07)


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eJapan's geographical situation

12 Day 2,408, 10:14 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hi eJapan!

I collected some data. It may help to the government...

Justice for eJapan!!

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[MoF] Orgs 2014.06

4 Day 2,391, 03:35 Japan Financial business Financial business

Greetings eJapan!

I'm MoF of eJapan staring at March.

In March was the starting ballance in ORG's:

We have many cost: cultural missions, rw staring, q7 weapon for fight, grant congress...


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[MoF] Orgs

10 Day 2,302, 04:00 Japan Financial business Financial business

Greetings eJapan!

Sorry, i dont was time up to now for article writing.

I got the orgs. All orgs email, and pass has been changed for maximal safety.

I summarized eJapan's property. So let's look the starting balance:

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A much requested change is coming next Tuesday! What could it be? --> not Div5

17 Day 2,279, 10:08 Japan Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment


Exciting ...

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