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Open letter to all Nations [WIPE4eUS]

13 Day 2,384, 12:47 Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion only.

Now that the eUS is alone and without friends (their own doing), wouldn't it be fun to see them wiped.

eSpain: the eUS is trolling you and bashing you, why don't you petition your alliance to wipe

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Thank you Enemies

10 Day 2,375, 12:03 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Last night when I was fighting, I saw a couple of Americans, Chileans and Spanish fighting for eCanada.

They didn't do hefty damage, but put definitely put in a couple of fights.

I decided to msg them and ask why they decided to fight for us.

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Congrats Chile!

5 Day 2,369, 17:40 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Slow clap for you guys.

Good job taking on a tiny nation with your cowardly sloths the eUS.

Both nations proving they are full on retards!


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Thanks a bunch allies.

10 Day 2,348, 17:06 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

EDIT. Article removed. At second thought I don't think it was helpful.

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4 Day 2,335, 10:21 Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Don't get me wrong. I know we have a chance of everything being taken back by the eUS, but if nothing else, we are distracting them from fighting other battles with their … read more »