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[UA] Statement about recent events

29 Day 2,099, 01:41 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

[UA] Statement about recent events

None can truly speak in the name of whole nation. It takes some time to deserve that right, some efforts to … read more »


29 Day 1,898, 02:40 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Dear administration.
Thank you for having confidence in testing the new map. However, I must note that I have found some bugs. The names of the centers of regions in eUkraine are wrong. For example:
Chernauti - should be Chernivtsi
Kiev - should

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9 Day 1,844, 13:05 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Трохи статистики по Українським МЮ.

Зовсім недавно переглядаючи статтю ось цього пана : elbandido , вирішив що тр … read more »