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BREAKING NEWS, Houses are back to Erepublik

30 Day 2,432, 06:32 Published in Croatia Croatia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment


We have received numerous requests to add more variety to eRepublik economy and reduce the impact of Work as Manager as it leads to overproduction. The new Housing … read more »

New World Cup - The FINAL [INFO]

11 Day 2,418, 08:38 Published in Nigeria Nigeria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Here is some information about the upcoming New World Cup final.

Football is usually about 22 men playing and thousands cheering. But not in the New World! Not … read more »

New feature - Combat Orders

12 Day 2,075, 03:30 Published in New Zealand New Zealand Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Players will be able to accept Combat Orders set by Military Units (including other Military Units than their own) and receive currency for dealing damage in battles.

Military Unit read more »

2nd Military Unit tournament, Updates on military units

11 Day 2,072, 00:19 Published in New Zealand New Zealand Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Basic Rules
- All the Military Units in the New World will be ranked based on the damage done by their members (both full members and recruits)
- Any type of damage counts (including Bombs, … read more »

New missions (Day 2059) Nuevas Misiones *All national missions revealed

32 Day 2,059, 02:13 Published in Chile Chile Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

New missions and rewards (Day 2059)

All for one, one for all

National Mission 1/4: United We Stand
Description: … read more »