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De officiële krant van het eNederlandse Congres | The official newspaper of the eDutch Congress

[congress] informatie over het parlement / info on congress (updated)

9 Day 1,042, 14:02 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

(English below)

Het congress van Nederland is … read more »

[congress] updates...

7 Day 1,028, 17:12 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

(small dutch intro)
Elke … read more »

Welcome New Congressmembers!!!!!!

0 Day 1,012, 05:06 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Sorry for the delay on this article.
Please read this article very carefully.....

1: You will be added to the congresmembers group on our forum. When you dont have a account yet please register.

2: Dont forget

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Congress News

4 Day 997, 02:27 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear Congress Members,

A small update in the Congress Newspaper, that has been inactive for a bit too long. Sorry for that!

Closing of inactive debates
You might yourself find wondering what ever happened to the debate you raised on

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[CONGRESS] Frerk as Chairman of Congress

9 Day 923, 02:34 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear citizens,

Frerk has been elected as Chairman of Congress. Starting immediately, he will be the official spokesperson on behalf of the UNL Congress, and he will monitor the debates and votes going on. He has been Deputy Chairman the last two

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