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De officiële krant van het eNederlandse Congres | The official newspaper of the eDutch Congress

[CONGRESS] UNL Congress Report - May 7, 2010

4 Day 899, 04:57 Netherlands


Dear UNL citizens and Congress Members,

Here you can find another Congress report. Although things are a bit quiet again, we do have some vote results, mainly on Finance and Congress affairs.

As highlights, it has … read more »

[CONGRESS] UNL Congress Report - April 27, 2010

5 Day 889, 07:03 Netherlands


A special warm welcome to all newly elected congress members (and of course also welcome to all who are re-elected). A call to all congress members: please shout this article in your shoutbox to inform all congress members … read more »

[CONGRESS] UNL Congress Report - April 21, 2010

9 Day 883, 04:44 Netherlands


Last period was very quiet, resulting in no Congress report for quite some time. However, some very interesting debates are popping up at this very moment, so I felt a report was needed again: congress members and citizens of … read more »

[CONGRESS] UNL Congress Report - April 9, 2010

8 Day 871, 02:52 Netherlands


Dear Congress members and other interested,

I have compiled another report of what has happened in the forum section of the congress lately. Highlights are the acceptance of Frerk as Deputy Chairman and a (heated) debate … read more »

[CONGRESS] UNL Congress Report

8 Day 864, 05:00 Netherlands

I have been elected in a – for me – completely new job, one I will need to grow into. Please send me a PM if you have remarks and/or suggestions.

First of all, to obtain transparency, I will start to use this newspaper again to inform you of what

read more »