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My time has come im sorry to say

17 Day 734, 14:51 Ireland

It is with regret that i must announce this but as a wise man once said"death comes to us all"

so i would like to leave a parting gift to my friends in Iv to the sum of 33-34 gold to start the company with

im sorry i dont have

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For old times sake

3 Day 714, 19:39 Ireland

I just thought it would be cool to do this for old times sake :)

<img src="">

ok so coming up we have a selection of

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A heartfelt plea from a citizen

14 Day 700, 10:54 Ireland

Fellow Irish citizens i come to you today not as a party prez but as a fellow citizen
and as a fellow citizen i urge you to vote smart this election.

Far to often have i seen the old regulars voted in time and again and maybe we shouldnt

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My Congress Manifesto

10 Day 697, 16:53 Ireland

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Binksy and I am a six term Congressman and currently Party President of … read more »

This article i found is interesting

2 Day 694, 16:55 Ireland

SPAIN vs FRANCE - Day 693

At these stats the 1st number shows Spain stats, and the 2nd number shows France stats.
Example (Spain █ France)

These are the stats of the users that were living at Spain and France today ;)
The Spanish and

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