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End his term!

10 3 days ago Published in Belgium Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hey guys, long time have passed since CP elections finished. What is done? Nothing.

No DO articles.
No CP articles.
No laws.

Nothing! All CM, vote yes, and end this bad term! Belgium has no President!

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Scotland, that's right!

2 4 days ago Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I'm happy to see that people of Scotland voted for family! For Union!

This is great news for everyone! You can't just erase 300 years of relations, of … read more »

Belgium, a better place!

13 Day 2,490, 11:39 Published in Belgium Belgium First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Hmmm.. I was wondering, how can we create a better home of Belgium? A better place to live..

Our community is very, very small, but we are great nation!

We have rich history, friends, and we have our Belgium!

So, what can we do to make

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Royal Army - NEWS -

3 Day 2,482, 06:05 Published in Belgium Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear fellow Belgians

In front of the [url=http://www.erepublik. … read more »


9 Day 2,476, 12:33 Published in Belgium Belgium Financial business Financial business

Hey there, I'm selling Military Unit, in Belgium.

Royal Army

Regular price for New MU: 40 GOLD

Price for this MU: 25 GOLD - 4,425 BEF

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