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Atlas News, finding its feet, among a floor-less stage.

Friday Atlas: London defence or the first?(16/09/2011)

3 Day 1,395, 13:52 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Will London fall, I hope not, I am willing to stay till midnight to do some damage, I have been fighting all around the eUK today.

This seems to be a clear message every eBritish citizen needs to listen to, the fact that we are not invinsible, of

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Thursday Atlas: Thoughts of a New Player; Bro Paper Partners (15/09/2011)

0 Day 1,395, 09:02 United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

This is a reprint of an article by The Bro Paper. (all permission gained, and processed etc etc) enjoy!

Welcome peeps, to the Bro paper, the one and only erep paper where you can find Bro tips, Gorgeous Woman, Funny jokes, international news

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Wednesday Atlas: eUK Double Invasion (14/09/2011)

4 Day 1,394, 13:20 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The eUK, has now been invaded by eIreland and eCanada.

eIreland has invaded Wales, while eCanada has taken South West of England.

A very disgraceful sight, as the eUK on multiple occasions had … read more »

Tuesday Atlas: eUK mishap (13/09/2011)

2 Day 1,393, 12:31 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The eUK has been in a very long war with eIreland, however we have now and then been in a tiff with eCanada, but now eCanada, has come knocking at our door, Northern Ireland is now under eCanadian control.

Around about 2 pm (eUK time) eCanada as

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Atlas News: Atlas News Finance Department (12/09/2011)

2 Day 1,392, 09:19 United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

This is a Atlas News Finance Department Article:

Explaining the newspapers expenses and incomes.

Overall Atlas News has an overall fund of 1,550 GBP


1 Iron Mine (500 GBP) - land was paid with personal funds.


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