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Irish Defense Forces Recruitment Drive

9 Day 448, 06:59 Ireland

Daoine na hÉireann,

Ireland needs you to ensure our defense and security. Our Defense Forces will be involved both in defense of our soil and in peace keeping missions abroad. We need to increase numbers and thus we ask that any able bodied

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Signup for the IDF and the ARW and receive payment

1 Day 390, 04:44 Ireland

We need a lot more people to signup for the Irish Defence Forces and the Army Ranger Wing.To sign up you go to the following address; ,where you can sign up for the IDF and the ARW and we are in the middle of paying

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Thats right, the IDF and ISDF are back! (And unless you post, you arnt a member)

5 Day 370, 21:29 Ireland

The IDF and ISDF are back in action! After a period of military quietness, I have taken it upon myself to try and fix our military system so we can keep it organized, and keep it clean. As such, I am asking all members, or citizens who want to be

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IDF/ISDF - New Pay Structure Inside. We Are Still Openly Recruiting. SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!!!

5 Day 327, 10:51 Ireland

As the title of this article states the new government of Ireland has decided to allot some money for this great countries armed forces. As some may see theyve already received their payment backdated to the day they started in the IDF. If people

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Citizens of Ireland. WE WANT YOU.

6 Day 319, 14:33 Ireland

We are always recruiting young men and women for the IDF and ISDF who are willing to serve their country should the need one day arise. Starting soon all members will be receiving some sort of funding to help them acquire the necessities they need

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