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Newspaper for the Irish Department of Defence

DoD Release: Status of Force's and New Enlistment Link

8 Day 689, 18:17 Published in Ireland Ireland

***If you have already enlisted this term, do not do so again***

Greetings to President Patton, Field Marshals, Generals and fellow Brutes, Brutettes and Baby Brutes. I … read more »

DoD Release: IDF Reformation

46 Day 688, 12:05 Published in Ireland Ireland

My Thanks

Fellow eIrish. It is with great pleasure that I come before you today to announce the reformation of the Irish Defence Force. In the last month much was done to bring this day … read more »

Defend Greece!! MoD-Vote Up!

78 Day 649, 14:44 Published in Ireland Ireland

Greetings soldiers of Éire,

Turkey have just attacked the Aegean Islands.
We shall assist them in their defence.

Current orders:

Defend [url=http://www.

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Fight in the Wargames-Aug 28-29th

13 Day 647, 14:13 Published in Ireland Ireland

The next battle of wargames opened at 12:17 eRepublik time,or 8:17 PM Irish time.
You can fight in this battle twice(and thus use the hospital twice)by … read more »

IDF Reforms

11 Day 645, 09:25 Published in Ireland Ireland

Ever since the start of term, it’s been clear the IDF has had problems.
With the loss of the app and forums at the same time we lost all of our info and organisation.
At this stage it’s a broken record so I won't go on.

Many people have been

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