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[DoD] A Tribute to the Fallen and Decomissioning of O Malley Hall

26 Day 1,013, 16:24 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello citizens and soldiers of Ireland,

As the time comes to move from the old to the new in halls and the basis to run the Irish Defence Forces, it's fitting that we look back on the soldiers who made the Irish Defence Forces and into the

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DoD Orders Day 1,011/1,012

13 Day 1,011, 13:42 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers of the IDF atten-shun!

We are able to help our American allies through MPP @ Alaska and thank god it works this time =D!

Now to receive weapon type please go to #IDFSupply and

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DoD Orders Day 1,010

11 Day 1,010, 09:48 Published in Ireland Ireland

To all IDF soldier in South Africa,

This is a recall of all IDF soldiers who are currently serving in SA, you can all return to Ireland. If you need a MT please request one from the IDF Supply room and we will send you one to come home.

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DoD Orders Day 1,008

18 Day 1,008, 15:15 Published in Ireland Ireland

Defenders of Ireland,

The IDF is moving to assist South Africa fight off an attack from the Brazilians. We must help are allies defend there territory and send a message to are enemies that we will not sit by and let them walk over are allies

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DoD Orders Day 1,003/1,004

17 Day 1,003, 12:42 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soliders of the Republic, atten-shun!

Today we see United Faildom falling under Canadian and Polish hands so we must aid them so any soldier in the IDF that is available to deploy move to Northern Ireland which is currently occupied by Canada. If

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