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Newspaper for the Irish Department of Defence

Department Of Defense Looking For Weapons Contracts. Apply Today.

4 Day 318, 22:06 Ireland

The Department Of Defense is looking for 2 companies who are willing to give the IDF and ISDF members discounts on their guns in return we will send our soldiers to buy their guns from your company. We are taking bids starting on day 319 and

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Do You Like Guns??? Want To See The World??? Enlist For Ireland Today Weve Got A Place For You.

18 Day 308, 20:28 Ireland

We are actively recruiting for the IDF and ISDF. I am attempting to work out some form of monthly stipend for the soldiers so they can buy moving tickets and guns but the concrete amount hasnt been worked out yet. Also with Fionn being made

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Join the IDF and ISDF. The Army of The Irish, Ran by The Irish, For The Irish. Not Victors Mock National Guard.

7 Day 282, 19:09 Ireland

We are the army of the irish people ran by the irish people for the irish people. We do not pay anyone to defend this great land as we believe its everyones duty to their country to defend it if the time comes, this only helps us to keep the defense

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Join the Real Irish Defense Force. Not the Mock National Guard.

9 Day 274, 22:09 Ireland

Sorry to post this again guys but as long as Victor keeps posting his National Guard recruitment ill have to keep posting this. Plus some childish kids hijacked the other article.

The Provisional Government of Ireland would like to ask everyone

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Dont Join The National Guard, Join The Real Irish Defense Forces.

22 Day 273, 23:08 Ireland

The Provisional Government of Ireland would like to ask everyone who isnt affiliated with Ireland Reborn (formally Global Money Traders) or Victor Petrescu to come enlist. This is a strictly volunteer army and though we cant fund the weapons as of

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