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Official CoS Announcement: Co-ordinated Assault

57 Day 709, 14:07 Published in Ireland Ireland

The Irish Defense Forces will be conducting a co-ordinated assault tomorrow (Friday, Day 710) during the Latvia-Lithuania wargames

The purpose of this is to improve lines of communication among IDF members, and we will try to make this a … read more »

DoD Note: AWOL From the Barracks

18 Day 701, 17:15 Published in Ireland Ireland

IDF Commanding Officers,

The following personnel are AWOL from the barracks (not registered on the National Forum).


Alister Falkenhayn

Black Dynamite

croatian fighter

Eddie Daniels

Ethan Fawkes

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DoD Release: Wargames Day 701-702

1 Day 701, 15:14 Published in Ireland Ireland

DT is not here, so I decided to publish his article in DoD org

WARGAMES are on!!!!!

Fight HERE

Move to Northeast of Ireland Q5 Hospital there.

Stop fighting when you reach 50-60 … read more »

DoD Note: IDF Barracks Access

14 Day 700, 12:23 Published in Ireland Ireland

To: All eIrish Defence Forces
From: DoD

Subj: Access to military area of forum

Due to concerns over operational security the military portion of the national forums are in the process of being locked to allow access to IDF members and

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DoD Release: Phase two commisionings

13 Day 698, 20:31 Published in Ireland Ireland

Attention to orders!

To all who shall see these presents;


By the order of the President of the Republic of Ireland, the following eIrish Patiots, by their own demonstration of initiative and valor have this day been … read more »