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Newspaper for the Irish Department of Defence

DoD Release: The IDF: Write your name in eHistory

10 Day 690, 22:58 Ireland

The Call to Serve.

It has no sound.
Yet I have heard it in the whispered retelling of honorable sacrifices made by those who served before me

The call to serve has no form.
Yet I have clearly seen it in
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DoD Release: Status of Force's and New Enlistment Link

8 Day 689, 18:17 Ireland

***If you have already enlisted this term, do not do so again***

Greetings to President Patton, Field Marshals, Generals and fellow Brutes, Brutettes and Baby Brutes. I … read more »

DoD Release: IDF Reformation

46 Day 688, 12:05 Ireland

My Thanks

Fellow eIrish. It is with great pleasure that I come before you today to announce the reformation of the Irish Defence Force. In the last month much was done to bring this day … read more »

Defend Greece!! MoD-Vote Up!

78 Day 649, 14:44 Ireland

Greetings soldiers of Éire,

Turkey have just attacked the Aegean Islands.
We shall assist them in their defence.

Current orders:

Defend [url=http://www.

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Fight in the Wargames-Aug 28-29th

13 Day 647, 14:13 Ireland

The next battle of wargames opened at 12:17 eRepublik time,or 8:17 PM Irish time.
You can fight in this battle twice(and thus use the hospital twice)by … read more »