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DoD Orders Day 991/992

13 Day 991, 18:58 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello Defenders of Ireland,

Today we begin the fight to retake our land that was taken by the United Kingdom.

All soldiers are ordered to fight in Dublin and join the IDF rooms we have setup on irc. Any low rank soldier is ordered to take

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DoD Orders Day 988/989 *Updated*

26 Day 988, 12:55 Published in Ireland Ireland

Dear Irish Soldiers,
United Faildom has opened a battle in Dublin and this is no drill!

The standing orders are to re-group at 19:45 Irish time for co-ordinated defence in #IDFTactical

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[DoD] Mini-Update

10 Day 965, 04:53 Published in Ireland Ireland

IDF Command Staff has been working hard since the start of v2, behind the scenes, to implement planning prior to v2. We have met a few difficulties and unforeseen problems due to how v2 has been going, but will continue to push improvements and

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[DoD] Deployment In Aide Of Allies (Update)

12 Day 956, 17:03 Published in Ireland Ireland

All Divisions and Soldiers Able Deploy
Orders of Deployment to Defend Croatia, Connect to Supply Channel for further info.

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[DoD] Hold Fire in Northern Ireland!

17 Day 954, 08:26 Published in Ireland Ireland

Soldiers That Can Deploy
Fight RED in New Jersey

New Jersey, United Faildom

It will require movement through a neutral nation, … read more »