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Newspaper for the Irish Department of Defence


50 Day 608, 16:24 Ireland

FROM THE BATTLEIELDS OF IRELAND – WE SHALL STAND TALL, FREE and INDEPENDENT! Citizens and Soldiers of Ireland. Vote up, sit back, and hear my answers to all of your recent questions. It may take a while .

The Irish Department of Defence

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Report from the Minister of Defence

24 Day 603, 10:36 Ireland

Irish men and women, your attention please.

The world is at war, and for the past week myself and the war council along with Kiemar and his foreign affairs team have been working tirelessly to ensure that we know what is going on, and that

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Notice from the Minister of Defence

17 Day 598, 15:53 Ireland

Dear Soldiers and Citizens,

I am in the middle of writing a more detailed introduction to myself and my plans as Minister of Defence, but world affairs insist that I make a brief statement concerning certain events.

Hungary and the United

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Recruitment Update Day 592 and a closing message from me.

18 Day 592, 16:29 Ireland

Recruitment Update Day 592 and a closing message from me.

<strong>A truly phenomenal response to the recent recruitment drive!
Great patriots and fierce

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Ireland Needs You. Read to the bottom (youtube) and you'll see why.

49 Day 589, 14:36 Ireland

Attention IDF troops and Irish Citizens alike.

This month has been a momentous one for the Irish state, the recent "Shannon Exercise" masterminded by … read more »