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[DoD ]Orders: Day 904

14 Day 904, 13:52 Ireland

Deploy To Northern Cape, South Africa!

All Field Marshals and Generals will be supplied.

<a class target="_blank" href="">Limpopo</a>

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[DoD] Orders for Day 895 (Update)

24 Day 894, 14:07 Ireland

Deploy To Ontario, Canada!

All Deployed Soldiers, Fight for Croatia!

<a class target="_blank" href="">Central Hungary</a>

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[DoD] Fight in Southern Great Plain!

28 Day 887, 02:03 Ireland

Fight for our Ally Croatia!

Good work in Western Transdanubia! With help of many, Croatia was able to secure the battle.

New Battle Orders:

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Fight for Croatia! [UPDATE for wild Day 885]

27 Day 883, 12:41 Ireland

All Irish Citizens

Defend Our Ally Croatia

<a class target="_blank" href="">Slavonia</a>

Weapons are being issued to all IDF Soldiers[/read more »

DoD Restructure And Orders!

25 Day 876, 14:59 Ireland

OK, this mail is in two halves, please read it all!

We have reorganised the IDF, Most divisions have now been merged to form 4 different divisions, these are.

Irish Rifle Division
Irish Tank Division
Irish Helicopter Division

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