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08Juli2009|To The World You May Be An Icon,A Revolutionary,Or A Billionare,But To The Angel Of Death Your Just A Name On The List[^_^]What I Fear is not Angel of Death nor death itself,but what i fear is only ALLAH SWT,and what asset (good deeds - bad deeds) will i bring after i'm dead


49 Day 2,302, 10:56 Indonesia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Saya benci sekali sama SAPI bernama *arty *atalegawa.

Doi senang bilang kalo kita ini "1000 TEMAN 0 MUSUH!"

Lihat akibatnya!

Motion Picik Association … read more »

Ketika Indonesia Menaklukkan Dunia [Legenda eIndonesia]

9 Day 1,895, 04:41 Indonesia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Untuk yg Lagi Sibuk nyari BH, yg Lagi mikirin anak2nya biar aman dari "Sang Penguasa", yg lg nongkrong di monex dan … read more »