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Cabinet Announcement for July Government

13 Day 1,324, 19:14 Japan Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I am back People of eJapan!

It seems that I am once again elected to lead as a president. I’ll keep it short, since it’s just a pain for me to write long article, … read more »

[ULJ] Official ULJ Candidates

4 Day 1,313, 06:03 Japan Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Update: 7:47 PM (Revised 9:54 PM)
We still need voter for some of our candidates. if you have vote left, but is unable to be around near the end of the election, please vote for the following candidate:

Hokkaido: Luchsen (
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Short Update (rants?) from the President

14 Day 1,072, 17:37 Japan

In past few days (since last Wednesday), I had been afflicted with cold which had made both my time in RL and erepublik miserable and difficult due to ongoing headaches … read more »

Small Update from President

21 Day 1,056, 20:23 Japan

It’s been 5 days since I came into the office of president; it is now about time for few updates regarding stuffs that happened in last 5 days. This will not be too … read more »

Thank you for the Support: Cabinet Announcement

23 Day 1,051, 02:46 Japan

Thank you, citizen of eJapan for all your support. It was one of the more competitive elections we had in a while. It is good to see that our citizens had … read more »