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Swiss Finance Giveaway: Day 2061-2062

28 Day 2,061, 10:40 Switzerland Financial business Financial business

Hello Switzerland citizens,
I’ve noticed SWIDAH hasn’t been active to give Switzerland citizens any food, so I thought that maybe i should give some food to Switzerland citizens who vote … read more »

Finance Reminder: Day 2059

12 Day 2,059, 08:38 Switzerland Financial business Financial business

Hello citizens of eSwitzerland, its me again here with a few reports and a reminder.
The last article published, said something about a “goal” to accomplish this week. Try to get 1500CC … read more »

Switzerland Minister of Finance: Report 1

19 Day 2,056, 16:37 Switzerland Financial business Financial business

First off, a introduction for myself to the Switzerland players.
Greetings, my name is Hale Kane, also known as Patar333 from the past and on IRC chat. I’ve been a Finance minister for … read more »

So Far in the Fed Party: Day 1978

15 Day 1,978, 17:01 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello Fed’s and erepublik players,

First time using the fed banners in my articles, but it looks pretty dam good if I say so myself.
For the start of the … read more »

"Moving to eUSA and integrating into the eAmerican way of eLife"

9 Day 1,911, 08:25 USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Hello citizens of eUSA, I’m Hale Kane and I just moved to eUS a week ago. Many people suggested I write an article about my arrival and how I am doing so far, so here it is.

~Day 1 of Arrival~


read more »