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Για έναν τρελό ψηλό

39 5 days ago Cuba Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Το αγόρι μας, ο αδερφός μας , ο οπαδός της 13, σήμερα έπαθε ερωτική απογοήτευση.

Πάμε ρε παίδες όλοι μαζί να του ανεβάσουμε το ηθικό.
θέλω να δω γράμματα, αφιερώσεις και ποιήματα.
γυναίκες να του στέλ

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★ [CP/eCUBA] Traning War with eUSA ★

45 Day 2,423, 02:54 Cuba Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


Buenos días Ciudadanos de Cuba!

Este artículo … read more »

United Cuba, Tall Nik for country president

49 Day 2,417, 16:14 Cuba Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

[Spanish Version]

Saludos eCuba

Una cancion para escuchar mientras lees:read more »

UFC - Official statement regarding CP elections

24 Day 2,387, 14:49 Cuba Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

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Greetings to all eCuban citizens

5th of June is approaching. A plan was needed to run eCuba the … read more »

Meet 3nik & eCuba finance

40 Day 2,381, 13:40 Cuba Financial business Financial business

English Version

Hello eCubans!

First of all, let me introduce my self
. My name is Nikos, i am real life greek and 25 years old. I’ve studied mechanical engineering in athens and i love windsurfing and enduro … read more »