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eUSA Becomes Two-Party System

12 Day 1,220, 10:28 Published in USA USA

Afternoon Edition
Day 1,220 of the New World

Politicians Punt Pente-Party Politics

Despite the generosity bestowed upon the eUSA by the AllahMighty Adminread more »

If I were PoTUS

28 Day 1,219, 07:41 Published in USA USA

Morning Edition
Day 1,219

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If I were running for PoTUS...

I would form a coalition governmentread more »

Congressional Erections

4 Day 1,218, 20:11 Published in USA USA

Evening Edition
Day 1,218 of the New World

16 Shells is going to save you a lot of time.

Congressional Erection day is (almost) here again. And wouldn't you … read more »

Getting Hard

6 Day 1,217, 09:53 Published in USA USA

Monday Morning edition
Day 1,217 of the New World

"Hard Sausage"

read more »

Getting Slippery

8 Day 1,216, 19:40 Published in USA USA

Sunday Edition
Day 1,216 of the New World

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One of the conversations I have most often as I mentor various … read more »