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23 Day 1,242, 20:25 Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Evening of Election Day
Day 1,242 of the New World
Inaugural Address
My fellow Federalists,

We play a game.

Every one of us is … read more »

Moving Right Along

12 Day 1,234, 07:29 Published in USA USA

Terminal Edition
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CJCS Reala; a Second Look

38 Day 1,233, 12:33 Published in USA USA

Afternoon Edition
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JCS vs. Congress, Simplified; Cabinet Announced

13 Day 1,232, 22:19 Published in USA USA

Morning Edition
Day … read more »


28 Day 1,232, 05:41 Published in USA USA

Does the US Military belong to the people or the JCS?

16 Shells is in possession of a Top Secret Document that is about to inflame the tinders left holding … read more »