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[USA] So you want to have a babyboom?

11 Day 1,196, 16:29 USA

Well here you go.

These elitist liberals True Americans are always arguing with each other, they need something to fight and at that moment its each other.

However imagine if somebody came along and posted

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This seems familiar...

2 Day 1,180, 20:59 USA

Oh wait it is, goddamn this game really is cylical.

Every 5-6 months or so, we get ourselves involved in a fierce, useless, waste of time debate.

I believe the first was if Emerick was really Serbia or not.

Seriously though, remember when

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Fight for Brozil!

2 Day 1,179, 14:31 USA more »


3 Day 1,178, 16:47 USA

Does anybody else notice that they rule their own little empire down there?

They're the closest thing to the end of a bipolar world at the moment I feel...

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Attention: New Players

5 Day 1,176, 21:15 USA

There sure are a lot of you.

Here's your first order:
-Research and document the life of Eugene Harlot
-Write an Essay on it
-Due next class

Welcome to the game.

~Carry on~

Vote it biznitches

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