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Day 2,072

Military Units Tweaks

No citizenship requirement on joining a Military Unit

Any player can now join a Military Unit even if he has a different citizenship than the Military Unit.

Second Commanders attributions

Second Commanders will have the same privileges as commanders in terms of setting daily orders (this does not involve changing the Battle Priorities), firing members and inviting new ones.

Daily Order priority

The following changes apply to Daily Orders
- An order set by a Commander or Second Commander overrides the orders set by Captains
- An order set by a Captain will not override the orders set by Commanders and Second Commanders
- An order set by the Military Unit priorities can be overridden by the orders set by Commanders, Second Commander or Captains, respecting also the previous rules
- Orders set by the Commander and Second Commanders can override each other

Customizable access in Military Units

Commanders are now able to customize the access to their Military Units. There are three options available:

- Open access - Any player can join the Military unit as a recruit. To become a full member they will still need to reach a rank established by the Commander.

- Strict access - This will prevent any player below a specified rank to join the military unit, even as a recruit.

- Invite only access - This will prevent all players from joining the Military Unit. New members will be able to join only if invited by the Commander or Second Commanders.

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Day 3,094

Division Switch - Update

Dear Citizens,

Based on the feedback received so far regarding the usage of Bombs, we have decided to entirely disable using them in foreign Divisions.

From now on, you will not be able to use Small Bombs/Rockets when fighting in a Division other than your default one.

The only exception is the Big Bombs, since they are equal in all Divisions.

If you wish to share more feedback, let us know!
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Division Switch

Dear Citizens,

Starting today, until the end of the Resource Wars Event you will be able to experience fighting in other Divisions.
You can switch Division by completing individual Objectives that are scaled based on your health pool. Objectives will be available for completion only by fighting in your default Division.


If you are in Division 4 and you manage to complete the Objective you find in a Round, you will unlock a Division of your choice.

Once unlocked, you can switch back and forth between the unlocked Divisions and your original Division for the remaining of that Round, in that specific Battle, on that side (just like the Ghost Booster).

In the unlocked Divisions, the capped max hit replaces the regular hit (hit based on strength, weapon and rank) if the latter is higher. The max hit is the highest hit done in that round by a player that naturally belongs to that Division. However, if the max hit is lower than 10,000 then 10,000 would be the damage/hit taken into consideration. All bonuses (Elite Citizen/Legendary Rank/Damage Booster etc.) are added to the capped max hit as they are added to the regular hit.


If your default Division is Division 2 and you unlock Division 1, in which the max hit is 5,000, your damage/hit will be 10,000 + bonuses.
If your default Division is Division 2 and you unlock Division 1, in which the max hit is 15,000, your damage/hit will be 15,000 + bonuses.

The Bombs/Rockets will deal the same damage as in your default Division.

If you wish to share feedback, let us know!

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Day 3,089

Resource Wars Update

Dear Citizens,

Below you can find more details about the Resource Wars Event:

Claiming Resources

Desired Resources can be allocated on the Resource Wars tab of the Country page. Only the ruler of the Country can set the allocations, but everybody is able to see the current allocation. The allocation can be changed at any moment.

Resource Tokens

A token is won each time a Country does 30000 Domination Points during the event. Resource tokens give a Country the right to get a resource from the ones available in the Resource Pool. This is done based on the allocation in place at the moment the token is awarded. If no resources in the pool match the allocation (unwanted resources in pool or resources cannot be placed due to rare and very rare radiuses) the token is lost. Tokens cannot be donated.

A Leaderboard showing the Domination Points needed for the next token is available during the event.
Domination points Leaderboards update on a real time basis.
The Domination Points Leaderboards will be reset at the beginning of the event and will remain active for the entire duration of the event. Points are not reset at Day Change.

Resource Pool

The Resource Pool status is visible in the event Popup Tab. Resources are added to the pool on regular basis with intervals varying between 1 and several hours. You will be able to see what resources are added to the Pool over the next 12 hours.
All resources present in the resource pool at the end of the event will remain unplaced and will be removed from eRepublik.

Company Placement

You will be able to place your Companies in one or more Regions of your choice, after the event ends. Once a Company is established in a Region, the Company can be relocated for a cost (relocation is subject to constraints that will be announced later on).

Country Productivity

The Country productivity will be calculated using the current formula, as the sum of resources bonuses for each industry. If the region is not linked to the Country capital, half of its resources productivity bonuses will be used in the formula. If the Country has 2 or more Resources of the same type, only one will be used in the formula.

Company Productivity

The productivity of a Company will be computed as the sum of Country productivity bonus and a percentage of the productivity bonus of the Region where the Company is located. Regions will be affected by a pollution factor that is based on the number of “works” done in the Region in the previous day. Basic formula : productivity_bonus = country_productivity_bonus + % of region_productivity_bonus - pollution

Working as Manager

You will be able to work as manager in a Company only if you are located in the Region where the Company is established.
If the Company is in a Region (historical or under occupation) of a country that has an open War with your Citizenship Country, your productivity as manager will drop.
The Work Tax percentage for WAM (Work as Manager) will be the one of the Country where the Company is located. The tax income will be split unevenly between the Country where the Company is located and the the Country of Citizenship of the manager.

Working as Employee

You will be able to hire employees on the job market of each Country where you have Companies established.
You will be able to assign “works” between your Companies no matter where the work was acquired or the company is located. This is subject to change in the future.
The productivity of an employee whose citizenship country has an open war with the country of citizenship of the owner of the company will be affected, and the salary received will be based on that productivity.

Switch Division

You will be able to switch Division by completing individual objectives that are scaled based on your Strength. Objectives will only be available for completion only by fighting in your default Division.
The objectives will be available next week.

For more details and a Questions&Answers thread you can visit the Forum If you wish to share your feedback please let us know.

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Day 3,083

Resource Wars - Preparations

Dear Citizens,

As announced previously on the Forum, we are starting the rollout of a set of changes that will impact the New World as we know it.

Closely contested Full Scale Battles (when the Domination Bar is between 49.5% and 50.5%) will award double Prestige Points and will behave as Epic Battles.

A new Leaderboard is available ranking countries by Domination Points (as defined here ). The Leaderboard does not take into consideration Civil War Battles.

Citizen income from Combat Orders and Medals rewarding Currency (Mercenary, Freedom Fighter, True Patriot) are now subject to the Work Tax in effect in the player’s Country of Citizenship. Tax revenue originating from each Citizen is added to their respective Citizenship Country’s Treasury.

Civil Wars and Liberation Wars opening fees were increased to 1,000,000 Currency units.

All changes are now live.

If you wish to share your feedback, let us know.

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Day 3,055

Troll Spell

Dear Citizens,

All the Rounds started today will be under the the 1st of April Troll Spell. Each Citizen will have to let go for a day to his Strength and Division and enjoy a day of randomness.

All the Citizens will have a strength of 100, 200, 300 or 400 that varies for each Battle. The strength will be consistent throughout the duration of the Battle.

All the Citizens will be assigned randomly to a Division, for each Battle. The Division will be consistent throughout the duration of the Battle.

Battles will randomly go Epic for 5 minutes.

No Experience Points will be awarded for fighting, and Bazookas and Bombs cannot be used throughout the day. (Bombs expiring today will have their validity extended to 24 hours.)

Gold from Battle Hero Medals will be multiplied by a random number for each Battle (from 1 to 4) and Campaign Hero Medals will award 3 x Battle Hero Gold.

If you wish to share feedback, don't hesitate to contact the Headless Chicken !

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Day 3,045

The Ghost Booster

Dear Citizens,
In a persistent game universe, the sooner a player joins the better their chances to perform are. The junior Citizens have to work hard to make up for the time passed. Unfortunately, after 8 years the gaps are becoming quite impossible to close.

With that in mind, we are announcing today the Ghost Booster!

Ghost Booster

Starting Day 3,046 Citizens will receive one Ghost Booster per day after completing the Daily Tasks. When activated, the Ghost Booster gives you 30% of the biggest damage/hit of the Citizen who fights in the same Battle, Round, side and Division as you.

a) If in Round 1 of a Battle there fight 10 Citizens and the Citizen with the biggest damage/hit is Citizen A who makes 1,000 damage/hit, when you activate the Ghost Booster you will make 300 damage/hit + the regular damage/hit you have.

b) Citizen A hits 18,000 damage/hit with Q6 Weapons and 100% booster. Citizen B hits 2,000 per hit. Max hit = 9,000 (100% Booster not taken into account). With the Ghost Booster active, Citizen A will hit for 18,000 + 2,700 = 20,700, and Citizen B will hit for 2,000 + 2,700 = 4,700.

Each Ghost Booster lasts for 1 minute. The Ghost Boosters can be stored and have no expiry date.

Please note that:

- You will not be able to activate the Ghost Booster in a battle on your Citizenship Country’s side.
- You may activate the Ghost Booster only if you are located in one of the countries involved (you cannot activate via Mutual Protection Pact)
- Damage Boosters and Bazooka Boosters do not influence the max hit in a round, nor do they increase the Ghost Booster’s damage bonus
- Big/Small Bombs will not count for the bonus

We would also like to inform you that the administration stepped in a fraud case affecting tens of citizens and amounting to 10 million Currency. The Currency involved in the scam was returned to the victims and the offender has been permanently banned. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we count on your understanding and cooperation in solving this case.
The safety and trust of our players is paramount to us and, because of this unfortunate situation, the Blitzkrieg Pack will be on sale tomorrow, too.

Thank you very much for you support and if you wish to share feedback, don't hesitate to let us know!

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Day 3,025

Spring Sale

Dear Citizens,

After a long and dreary Winter, a warm Spring was long awaited so seize the opportunity and get a head start this season with a Spring Sale.

Starting Day 3,025 until Day 3,031 at Day Change you will be able to take advantage of the Spring Sale that will consist of 30% extra Gold for each purchased Gold Pack and 30% extra items for each purchased Promotional Pack. The Spring Sale applies to all the Gold Packs and Stashes except for the Monthly Gold Packs.

For a Gold Pack worth of 25 Gold you will get 7.5 extra Gold. Pretty convenient, right?
For a War Stash, you will get 30% more items:
26 Bazookas
26 Bazooka Boosters
26 double Energy Bars
6 Small Bombs
13% more Rank Points
13% more Gold for every purchase

If you have questions or if you want to share your feedback, let us know!

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Day 3,008

Make Love, Not War

Dear Citizens,

This year we have decided to be rather peaceful and pink and give you the tools to Make Love, Not War.

On Day 3,008, while the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day, you will be able to find love on the battlefield. Plato installed a big Heart button on each battlefield that will enable you to share the love. Once you press it, love will spread all over the battle and each Citizen’s damage will be reduced by 50% for the duration of the love rain. (The damage dealt by bombs will not be affected).


Please note that the spell is active for 1 minute, affects all the divisions, costs 1 000 currency and that everybody will be able to see who is the one spreading the love.

We hope you will enjoy a day full of love and if you want share your feedback, please let us know.

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Day 3,000

Day 3,000 Celebration

Dear Citizens,

Day 3,000 is here and we expect you to make a historical day out of it. The magical number 3 can be both a blessing and a curse, but it’s up to you to decide how you take it.

Plato himself is fond of this number and is willing to reward anyone who completes the "Epic Day 3,000" Mission.

What do you need to do?
Successfully complete several tasks in order to prove that you are a brave and worthy citizen of the New World.

What do you get?
All the citizens who finish the tasks will be rewarded with a Decoration that will proudly stand among the others and with one refill of 3 000 Energy.

If this didn’t catch your attention yet, maybe you should know that the most epic part of Day 3,000 comes with all the Battles being… Epic!

Also, today only, a bigger bonus for the Loyalty Points (30 x the normal bonus) will be awarded for every purchase. However it won't affect the actual progress for the Loyalty Program. And as you have already noticed, today you get 30 x Gold on each Campaign Hero won both on the winning and losing side and 9 x Gold on each Battle Hero you get on the winning side. For the Battle Hero won on the losing side no Gold will be awarded, but you get only the achievement.

We wish you the best of luck and may you have a Happy Day 3,000 celebration!

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Day 2,988

Tanking Mayhem

Dear Citizens,

We hope you’re in for some challenges, for the Weekly Challenge brings big league prizes for the ones determined to stand out in the crowd.
Starting Day 2,989 until Day 2,996 you will have the possibility to enrich your Vehicle Depot with the brand new electrifying Mjolnir Tank.

Between Day 2,989 until Day 2,996 you will have the possibility to bonus up your Damage with the Weekly Challenge's Tank Damage Boosters.
Advancing in the Weekly Challenge we will reward you with special 100% Tank Damage Boosters for 2 or 8 hours that have a validity of 14 days starting Day 2,989. After that date, the unused Boosters will be converted into regular Damage Boosters.

What do the Damage Boosters have anything to do with tanks?

The boosters can be activated individually and provide extra damage in battles. They can be activated together with regular Damage Boosters allowing you to wreak havoc on the battlefield.
If activated on top of regular Damage Boosters, the extra gain will add to the regular booster (activating a 50% Damage Booster together with the 100% Tank Booster will add 150% to your base damage, and together with a 100% Damage Booster you will get a 200% increase).

For those of you who already got some special tanks in your Garage, if you use one of them on the battlefield (either the Red Baron or the Monster Grinder) while the booster is active the value of its boost will grow from 100% to 150%.

And once you add the Mjolnir Tank to your collection, using it will make the tank boosters even more valuable as they will give a whooping 200% boost. And you can always activate normal boosters to get up to 300% damage increase.

To summarize:

Using a regular vehicle, no regular Damage Booster active: 100% boost
Using a regular vehicle, 50% regular Damage Booster active: 150% boost
Using a regular vehicle, 100% regular Damage Booster active: 200% boost

Using the Red Baron or the Monster Grinder, no regular Damage Booster active: 150% boost
Using the Red Baron or the Monster Grinder, 50% regular Damage Booster active: 200% boost
Using the Red Baron or the Monster Grinder, 100% regular Damage Booster active: 250% boost

Using the Mjolnir Tank, no regular Damage Booster active: 200% boost
Using the Mjolnir Tank, 50% regular Damage Booster active: 250% boost
Using the Mjolnir Tank, 100% regular Damage Booster active: 300% boost

Once you activate the Tank Damage Booster from the Weekly Challenge, the weapon usage will increase by +1/hit.

Please note that if you don’t use the Tank Damage Boosters within the 14 days, they will convert into regular 100% Damage Boosters.

If you have questions or if you want to share your feedback, let us know!

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