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Dead citizen
Location: Canada Canada, Alberta Citizenship: Canada Canada
Adult Citizen


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Aug 10, 2009

National rank: 0

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Egy győződött anarchista!
A convinced anarchist!
Un anarhist convins!
Un anarchiste convaincu!
Independent Legion Commander
eCanadian Ambassador to eHungary
Former eCanadian Ambassador to eRomania

I am 2 clicks player, do not disturbed!


  • Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter

    Liberate occupied regions by fighting in Resistance Wars.

    More info

  • hard worker

    Hard Worker

    Worked 30 days

  • congressman

    Congress Member

    Won the Congress elections

  • president

    Country President

    Win the Presidential elections

  • media mogul

    Media Mogul

    Reach 1000 subscribers to your newspaper

  • battle hero

    Battle Hero

    Reach the highest war influence in a battle

  • campaign hero

    Campaign Hero

    Reach the highest war influence in a campaign

  • resistance hero

    Resistance Hero

    Started a resistance war and liberated 5 regions

  • super soldier

    Super Soldier

    Advance 250 strength points

  • society builder

    Society Builder

    Invite 10 people to eRepublik and help them reach level 10

  • mercenary


    Defeat 25 enemies for 50 different countries

  • Top Fighter

    Top Fighter

    Have one of the highest daily influences in eRepublik for 30 different days..

    0/30 days in Top Fighters

  • true patriot

    True Patriot

    Fought for the country of citizenship.

    Inflict damage for the citizenship country. You can view the current progress in the True Patriot section below.

Military Attributes

Strength 13,162.08
Division 2
Available for level 35-49 Features:
  • You fight in Division 2
  • Deal 375,000 damage with new Small Bombs
  • Add 20,000 damage to Bazookas with new Bazooka Boosters
  • Get 3 Gold when winning a Battle Hero achievement
Military Rank God of War 50,934,652 / 100,000,000 God of War


True Patriot


307,509,867 for Canada

307,509,867 / 400,000,000

Top damage in a campaign


17,673,510 for Canada

 Achieved while trying to conquer Quebec from Spain on day 2,024

Guerrilla fight history

You can join a Guerrilla match after defeating 5 opponents on the battlefield

Mass destruction weapons history

Small Bombs used33 Big Bombs used0 Last used: Small Bomb for Canada in the battle against Spain on day 2,023