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Why Poland lost so easy!

Day 1,952, 08:00 by Ovalni Chmar

Have you wondered why Poland lost regions to China so easly?

The anwser is simple, Serbs ignored their friends and allies Poland since if the China-Poland war continued they'd have bigger chances of winning the gold mine. Now Serbia has the upper hand and will probably take it.

gold > allies



VaIsk Day 1,952, 08:02

Trollao si ludooooo čini mi se od rođenjaaaaaa xD

Tripkovic Day 1,953, 00:15

Ja sam vala dao sav dmg, skromnih 550 000 inace moj maximum

Deus Invictus
Deus Invictus Day 1,952, 08:02

first ! booya! : D

lovric505 Day 1,952, 09:41


Stucna Day 1,952, 08:06

true story?

MihicaZG Day 1,952, 08:06

Comment deleted

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,952, 08:08

Trollatia failed again.

Ovalni Chmar
Ovalni Chmar Day 1,952, 08:11

,meanwhile u fought against serbs 2nd player 4&5 player 2nd & 3rd player... and so on and so on...

deal with it ur selfish : )

Ovalni Chmar
Ovalni Chmar Day 1,952, 08:12

against poles*

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,952, 08:15

Trollatian old Screen Shots.

ObIiterate Day 1,952, 08:14

You just happened to pick today to NE Turkey.

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,952, 08:20

So? That's not allowed or what? Trollatian butthurt I see.

ObIiterate Day 1,952, 08:22

Why would I be butthurt about you not fighting for Poland? Suits me just fine.

ObIiterate Day 1,952, 08:40

Reduced to .jpgs already? Your political party is doomed if this is the president's debating capability!

nikol000 Day 1,952, 08:12

Ko god je hteo od saveznika da sa Srbijom udje u trku za rudnik dobio je CS, uvek smo bili siroke ruke i delili sve.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,952, 08:16

oh, poor croatia... : )

Ovalni Chmar
Ovalni Chmar Day 1,952, 08:16

neću ti doć u cipeliće ako ne kažeš o great dubrovnik

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,952, 08:26

I don't know what you are talking about, o, great dubrovnice : P

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,952, 08:54

Now you know how I felt....

milosforzajuve Day 1,952, 08:18

Oh those evil Serbs : )

Ovalni Chmar
Ovalni Chmar Day 1,952, 08:19

not evil... just selfish xd

milosforzajuve Day 1,952, 08:30

But I still think that they are evil : )

kushtrimzz Day 1,952, 08:20

true story bro : )
they dont need enemies!

Vucko74 Day 1,952, 08:21

Dok Srbi i Poljaci budu kopali zlato ti ces da muzes bikove po Indiji.

Cukrov Day 1,952, 10:47

ovo se čak i meni sviđa

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,952, 08:23

Expected of an alliance built on power and domination. Allies mean nothing.

Alfadi Day 1,952, 08:24

Only reason Poland lost is because Chinese never appear in any battle except when their @ss is on fire

Romper Day 1,952, 08:53

wrong, Loland lost because they never intended to fight against China. Their only agenda was selfish fun for their players achieved by deleting Russia. China? Sure, if everyone else spends money on it and Loland assumes only the supporting role.
The biggest lol is Circle of Traitors and Lulgaria, who actually bought the story about invasion on China and higher goal, bla bla... Loland shafted them real good.

Alfadi Day 1,952, 08:55

But if their main goal was to delete Russia, isn't the goal succeeded?

Why is the article about Poland's failure to invade China if this was never their plan.

Croats always confuse me.

Nerx Day 1,952, 08:57

Not to mention Bulgaria needs damage, so after Poland's attack on Russia, they still sign an MPP with Poland. : D Oh CoT, what have you become.

Romper Day 1,952, 08:59

Dubrovnik is trolling, I am being serious. Loland achieved their goal, deleting Russia to have fun for their players. Everyone who believed they are after China was incredibly naive. The pattern that Loland always follows is so predictable that believing that they would take the financial burden of attacking China is just silly.

Romper Day 1,952, 09:01

The rest of TWO learned how Loland operates so they waited to see if Loland was serious about fighting China. Loland ofc didn't spend any money, they waited for others to start wasting their treasuries, as they always do. So in the end, 3 easy wins for China while Loland and TWO wait on each other to start spending money.

Drakantas Day 1,952, 09:17

Don't use treasures, that's on very dangerous cases.
They never wanted to deleted Russia, if they want that they will atack norway.
The GOLD MINES is the down of all countries, now all fight for the mines not for friendship.

Lorcema Day 1,952, 09:19

Only reason Poland lost is because CoT never appear in any battle


Lorcema Day 1,952, 09:20

Only reason Poland lost is because CHINA RULEZ


Drakantas Day 1,952, 09:24

CoT can kiss my ass

Lorcema Day 1,952, 09:28


Romper Day 1,952, 10:43

So, CoT and TWO have a lovely gay relationship of mutual a** kissing.

TheJuliusCaesar Day 1,952, 08:27

Comment deleted

TheJuliusCaesar Day 1,952, 08:28

Welcome to TWO, where gold is more valuable than allies and friends.

Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 08:47

I must say that speaking as an in game and RL citizen of the US we have done the same thing, as have just about any other major country here and the real world. It is evil human nature to blame. Philosophers and poets would have you believe that people are normally kind, generous and giving. This could not be further from the truth. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when first meeting them. When they prove to have bad character I am done.

Stop and consider how leaders get to power. Now you can see why govt is corrupt at all levels. Good people have no chance to be in power, only evil.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,952, 09:00

That is one thing Admin got right...the lies, the stealing, the cheating and the backstabbing -which is condoned when done by 'Gold Beast'; so that for a little while each day they can feel as if they and not their credit card are important....

Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 09:22

Sadly PTO's are the same. It is the thirst for power that drives men. Money (real or fake) is just a means to that end. Civilization is going backward.

noryee Day 1,952, 09:45

Ne kontam sta je pjesnik htio da kaze sa ovim logom?
Ali da je to stvarno bio napad na kinu, udarali bi mi ali od toga se ocito odustali.
Mi smo vise udarali od poljaka prvi dan

Romper Day 1,952, 10:44

Srecom ste ovaj put odmah shvatili da Poljaci igraju svoju uobicajenu igru - gurni nekog drugog u vatru da ustede golde.

noryee Day 1,952, 10:57

Poljaci su na istom nivou kao i mi, sebicni manipulatori.
A vidi se koliko je jak TWO savez kad ne mogu da organizuju napad napad na tvrdjavu raspalog saveza, koji sigurno pola hrvata ne bi branilo. Steta se prosipa po talijanskim ustancima, 90 posto u plusu jbg.
Trebao bi Zdelemy malo da im objasni mehanizme igre, on bi dosad svijet pokorio da mu je dnevna steta TWO saveza u rukama.

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