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When you get here? 2009?

Day 1,868, 04:54 by kovex

Üdv, ez a cikk kvázi fordítása az előzőnek.
A szinte csak Magyarok számára érthető részek nélkül.
Talán lesz egy pár Lengyel, aki sub-bal is jutalmaz 8))

When you get here? 2009?
We understand each other form half words, too.

You say: "two-clicks", I say You can't stand.
You say "I'm leaving this shit!", I say you will be back in a week!

We were hit with q1, or it was just karate.
If you had q5, you were a rich man.

Remember Feherlo? He was my first prezident.
Who wrote not muuch about the spanish gold, but he was brave enough to attack the romulans.
Remember the siege of Erdély?
Remember how great was to see: "Moved to Transylania, Hungary"?
'coz we moved, to make rw-s more difficult to start.

Remember, this was a strategic game, not just this collection of shitty bugs.

I've not been invited here.
If there would be , he/she would be still here.8).

Remember the daily, above all, WEEKLY gold limit?
If you wanted more, then you had to reg some orgs to buy more, but without any special offer.......100 euros, 300 golds.

Remember of your first Unit?
There were not just advice or q1 weapon.
The mentors were telling you the secrets, and formulas.
Griffmadar, My God bless you, wherever you are now.

When you get here? 2009?
You have to say something these words: "permablock", "retreat", "activated MPPs".
You were saying: "how cool I am because I have a q3 house!"

When you get here? 2009?
We understand each other form half words, too.
You say "Work Skill"?
I say "I'm Landworker"
You say "my own company"?
I say "two months to pay off"!
You say "Job market!"
I say "200 employee...!"

We were work in the State firms......

You say "Full Fight"
I say "Gift me up!"
You say "Health restore at daychange"
I say "Hospital"
You say "BH"?
I say less than 2000 damage....
We saw q5 tanks for more than 1 gold!

When you get here? 2009?
We understand each other form half words, too.

You say "rw drain!"
I ask: "How many are they on that miserable region?"
You say "High region"?
I say "Fortress"
You say "q5 ticket"
I say "Travel to get health"
It wasn't impossible to travel almost the whole army.
You say: "Baby boom"!
I say? "65k Polak"
You say "China"?
I say: "Helokitty, Lionking"
You say "Map bug"
I say "Corrected at the worst timing"

When you get here? 2009?
We understand each other form half words, too.

You say: v2?
I say "Finally some personal act!"
You say "Hexa!"
I say "Chopper!"

C'mon guys, we got the island, deploy!!!
My goodness how damn far away from the hospital!

When you get here? 2009?
Is this your first nick?
Mine too!
Idiot cube, xxx days in a raw.....pfff

Fp? Temp ban? Perma?
Fake, if you can! Not sure it's worth it!

When you get here? 2009?
Are you FM again?

When you get here? 2009?
We understand each other form half words, too.
You say "Monetary market"
I say "gold limit"
You say "Work skill ... Migrate!"
I say "suck"
You say "Land skill"?
I say "Manager work"!
You say "I'll leave this shit"
I ask "What you give me?"
You say "Chopper training"
I say: "suck again"

etc.etc.etc................. (i tak dalse)

Now, here's where the "random" actions are in a chronological table.
Where the divisions does not even see what is going on the entire battlefield.
Where an rw in "Uganda" does more damage than the one-time epic battles.
Not even sure your BH, where half of the mill you lead, 'coz is a young titan WCF uses rockets and shit.....

But you're still here.
You do not really know why, what do you want to achieve, but you do the DO, hit the missions.

Anyway, happy eBirthday to me .... kovex 3 eYears old.
Modestly, Vivat me. 8)

2nd commander of Elit Unit



Rolandas_M Day 1,868, 05:03


Faraz.RevengeR Day 1,868, 05:03

Happy Birthday \o/

pufiduci Day 1,868, 06:13

vote+sub 633+BUEK!

Maegalodonus Day 1,868, 08:55

Yes I remember. I was taking Paris 3 years ago this day.


staruszek Day 1,868, 12:30

When you get here? Yes, 2009 !

Stunter Day 1,868, 15:41


hesar Day 1,868, 19:58

3.5 years
long long time to stay in this shit
but still - most is back again
hellokitty FTW o/
Rhone Alps not defended
fortress California - i was there to defend my american allies

so many things changed here, i dont know if it's good or bad
i dont know anything
my FM was a dream - now it is worth a shit
fuck this

beist Day 1,868, 20:16

To już tyle lat!

krispo Day 1,869, 04:25

o7 from 2010, January 5th

Iain Keers
Iain Keers Day 1,869, 06:39

Happy Birthday o/

Some things never change

BurtLancaster Day 1,869, 07:59


Nikolay Romanov SRB HN
Nikolay Romanov SRB HN Day 1,869, 11:04


HungryHungary1 Day 1,869, 11:36


alimea1802 Day 1,869, 18:39

Happy birthday!

Ryuujin Katsuhira
Ryuujin Katsuhira Day 1,870, 03:57

voted dude.
nice article, really makes me remember the past.

LV-426 Day 1,870, 13:43

The good old days...

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