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USA evolving: Air Force and AMP!!

Day 1,815, 20:21 by Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow Americans,

Today I have a few topics to be broadcasted here, we will have subjects explored such as the next retention programs on air force and the AMP Party Presidentials. Those two subjects will be the main topics for the this edition.

Meanwhile I hope my readers enjoy my articles and keep voting/subing.

Adequate song for article: (Air Force Theme)

Air Force New Programs

Ribbon Rack Awards

I know many of the old soldiers and old officers have certainly heard about this. Before the “take-off” of the officers, we used to craft those ribbons to every soldier and some of the ribbons were awarded by the Senior Officers. So well, the new Air Force Command is bringing back this initiative for our soldiers. Those ribbons can be added to the soldiers signatures on forum and can be used in articles if they want, all they have to do is to use the proper BB code. I also have to thank Soliden for still having the ribbons on his possession and for sending me the pack we will be using to award our soldiers.

Here’s an example of my own Ribbon rack awarded:

So here is a list of the ribbons a soldier can earn:

~Flight Training~

Flight Training Enlisted Soldier (If you are already graduated you do not qualify for this ribbon)
Flight Training High Activity Award*
Flight Training JO
Flight Training SO
Flight Training Graduate
Flight Training Graduate with Honors*
(nominated by CO or XO of FT)

~Air Force~

Air Force Soldier
Air Force Soldier High Activity Award*
Air Force Junior Officer
Air Force Senior Officer
Air Force Officer High Activity Award* (in case of Junior officers it is awarded by Senior officers. In case of senior officers, awarded by the General)
Delta Force Enlisted


World War 5 Participant (all soldiers eligible)
Platoon Sharpshooter (highest Q7 damage in your squad for 2 weeks)
Division Sharpshooter (highest Q7 damage in your wing for 2 weeks
Branch Sharpshooter (highest Q7 damage in the whole Air Force)
"Proud to be a Chick" (woman)
1 Month Length of Service
3 Month Length of Service
6 Month Length of Service
1 Year Length of Service
High IRC Activity*
Extreme IRC Activity*
Forum Poster*
"Communeist"(works in a commune)
Commune Owner
1 Month Perfect Attendance
3 Month Perfect Attendance
6 Month Perfect Attendance
Quarter Master Award
JO Excellence Award*
SO Excellence Award*

* -> Indicates ribbons awarded by Senior Officers. Some of this awards might be recommended by a Junior officer to a senior officer.

Request your ribbons here:,22732.0.html

I have to note to Air Force soldiers that sometimes, posting on Forum and being active on IRC might have its advantages considering we officers are always monitoring who’s around and we want to improve activity around the Military Unit.

Daily/weekly Statistics

Nothing new as well, we had this back then in time. We are bringing it back but we don’t know when yet. We have the Senior Officers debating this and setting the bonus we would give to the highest influence and most active soldier, we have to take in consideration the revenue cuts from the Defense budget so it is likely the weekly bonuses won’t be as high as they used to be back then, but it is the best we can do.

Air Force soldiers, expect to hear more of this programs soon and please, hang more on IRC and our Air Force forum. The officers are here to help with anything you need.

Air Force Forum:,94.0.html
IRC channels:

#Airforce.Office (officer channel, don’t try to join unless you are an officer)

AMP Party Presidentials

So AMPs, as you all know, the Party Presidentials are coming and we are already doing our nominations. If you are an AMP member, please nominate your favorite candidate here:

I admit I intended to run for AMP Party President and some people on AMP wanted as well but like last month, it is not yet my time, I’m too busy with Government and Air Force to do heavy party job. However I should keep my place on AMP Legal Department considering I have knowledge of our internal constitution.

Either ways, although it is not my time, I do want to give my support to one of my best friends around erepublik, yeah you know who I’m talking about, it’s Emdoublegee!

He’s currently acting as Party President due to the fact Cerb is now our POTUS and it’s better for Cerb to keep both things separate so he can do a competent leadership of our country. Meanwhile Emdoublegee keeps our party active and on track. You can get to know a bit more of his campaign here:

I support Emdoublegee for AMP Party President, what about you?

Think about it and vote Emdoublegee when the AMP Primary opens!

Next eNPR edition:

During the next eNational Public Radio we will be talking about a lot of actual topics of things that need our attention in our beloved country, please stay tuned folks, we will be doing “Sexy Times” next Friday Night at 18:00 erepublik time!!

If you wish to call-in, please contact Dr Luis “Sexy Times” Sentieiro, Fingerguns or Artela during the show and we will give voice to you during our most mediatic session. It is also a great opportunity to talk directly and on live with our cabinet members and our President Cerb as well.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and we will keep you informed about the current events in our country.

Air Force soldiers: Aim High!!




Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 1,815, 20:24

First denied to Sexy Times!

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,815, 20:25

Ive always wanted a ribbon rack, nice one DLS!

EnterAwesome Day 1,815, 20:27

EnterAwesome's Approval of Awesome.

emdoublegee Day 1,815, 20:28

Thanks DLS! Love you to bro!

EnterAwesome Day 1,815, 20:28

Emdoublegee for PP
M2G for PP

DokJon Day 1,815, 20:32

Sexy Drunk Donkey

Soliden Day 1,815, 20:57

You're welcome for the ribbons, btw.

Mazzy Cat
Mazzy Cat Day 1,815, 21:01


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,815, 21:02


BeachBunny Day 1,815, 21:13

Go DR. Sexy

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,815, 21:58

no need for ribbons

Emdoublegee for pp

Mr. Heisenberg
Mr. Heisenberg Day 1,815, 22:30


menon111 Day 1,815, 22:52


SCPittman Day 1,816, 23:14

WOO Air Force AND Amp!

The Gunnerss
The Gunnerss Day 1,816, 01:37


Unbias Day 1,816, 03:48

all hail Emdoublegee

JoIIy Joker
JoIIy Joker Day 1,816, 07:23

all hail Emdoublegee

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,816, 08:02

hail Emdoublegee

fingerguns Day 1,816, 08:49


jadiv Day 1,816, 09:06

So, the party founded to represent the concerns of those predominantly interested in the military aspects of the game, the party dedicated to represent those serving in all militias and units, has come to obviously promote a single one.

Once the elites of AMP achieved some political success, they forget about those, that wide range of military organizations out there, that they profess to represent. Power corrupts!

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 1,816, 09:39

^ Wrong.

Just because I am annoucing a few retention programs Air Force is doing, it doesn't mean we are not favoring the other government military units. You may not know but one of the topics for today's eNPR is the programs ALL government military units including Flight Training, Air Force, Rogue Squadron, Seal Team 6 and Special Forces are doing to keep their soldiers active.


Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 1,816, 09:43

(...) It is very easy to point a finger at a whole party saying they're favoring one particular MU before trying to get the correct information first.

Also, your military unit is private and self-funded, so whatever your MU does to employ its funds is none of the government business or even AMP, although the DoE has some informative articles about private MUs without favoring any in particular.

In conclusion: Next time inform yourself better.

Synesi Day 1,816, 10:43

Jadiv, I once viewed you as one of the more level headed JCS, however lately your comments have been illogical and bitter in the style that has become stereotypically representative of the JCS.

Power CAN corrupt, but quite frankly, look to your own circle before jabbing at others.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,816, 10:55

Jadiv, meet kettle.

Kettle, Jadiv.

TTi09 Day 1,816, 12:52

I support Emdoublegee for what ever he want o7

HannyaTR Day 1,816, 13:14

weekly statics will be good.

Mr. Swagg
Mr. Swagg Day 1,816, 13:17

DLS and M2G.. sniff.. i love you guys :')

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,817, 05:03

I support inclusion of the views of the eUS Military in AMP. Vote John Largo for Party President.

E R M A L Day 1,817, 05:14

Emdoublegee is a serb.
That flag says it clear.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Day 1,817, 09:14

^ Lol

Emdoublegee a serb? Nope. He's a RL American. Go Troll somewhere else.

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