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Turk Mod [EN/TR]

Day 2,062, 10:32 by Eashoa

Thanks to Turkish Mod for not persecuting us with unnecessary fp and so not destroying our game excitement. Appreciated and Grateful in behalf of Turkish players.

I am planning to buy some gold now ^^


Son 1 aydir abuk subuk seylere fp verip de oyun keyfimin icine sicmadigin icin tesekkur ederim. Yeri geldiginde sovmesini de ovmesini de biliriz. (bu son arabesk cumleyi yazmayaydim iyiydi, Tayyip reyiz gibi sizli bizli tepeden oldu zahir). Velhasil, yuce Turk milleti adina sagol panpa:

Mucahit King

(loca'miza katilmak istersen sana ozel muamele yapacam, Mason reyizle konustum)



Xeraph is Back
Xeraph is Back Day 2,062, 10:34


Rejep Tayyip Erdogan
Rejep Tayyip Erdogan Day 2,062, 10:39

cCc Mücahid Reyiz cCc

HeIlo Kitty
HeIlo Kitty Day 2,062, 11:28


Gara Tigin
Gara Tigin Day 2,062, 13:20

tanisak modu belki de severiz ? özelim acık, habarini bekliyoruz < 3

Gara Tigin
Gara Tigin Day 2,062, 13:20

bu aralar cok isim dusebilir : p

CooLMasTR Day 2,062, 16:55

clap clap clap

LAZOLARIN BABASI Day 2,062, 23:43

Comment deleted

Heaven.Patrol Day 2,063, 12:21

Comment deleted

Lord Of Emyn Arnen
Lord Of Emyn Arnen Day 2,063, 12:21

kimse birinç dememiş birinç

plat0c Day 2,063, 12:34


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