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Day 1,464, 15:12 by Seanan

Previous Reading:
Britfag SG can't win at home?

Those crazy Canadians have departed EDEN recently, and along with a lil spat between a few Canadians and Irish - A "sexy" war was mentioned. Of course, this is banter / a few people blowing off steam. Regardless, this article is a tongue-in-cheek (in the sense that I'm writing it... not the actual content.. which is long and boring) tactical advise for Canada to delay their inevitable doom.

The logical sequence of events:

Canada convinces TERRA to stop signing MPPs with Ireland, Ireland convinces EDEN to stop signing MPPs with Canada.
Canada would likely be the aggressor, and open up a NE; EDEN would not want Ireland to open another front, Canada is the only one whos mentioned it and if they elect the Swedish Canadian Rylde .. well hes Swedish. :3
Canada attacks an Irish region; In all likelihood not get much assistance, because it would be a drain on both alliances for either to commit.
Canada likely gets smacked back. Despite, at a glance, Canadian MUs putting out 40 million more damage than Irish MUs (Source A and B), there are many Irish aboard and in Canada, along with EDEN-loyalists in Canada. Both countries on equal grounds to fund mercs.
Ireland attacks Canada.

Of course, my advise is simply understanding how region mechanisms work and timing. Gaining congress/Wipe avoidance is another story. In following pictures and descriptions I predict likely situations, and solutions.

There is one strategy which doesn't involve any insight:
#1: Valhalla!
Info: Let Rylde go apesh**, spend tons of rl money on tanking and mercs. And hope for the best!

Back to sense, understanding region mechanisms:

Figure 1: The region connections in Canada

Canada can be split into East and West. The east of Canada is highly connected, meaning most regions in that area border eachother. This makes the east of Canada a buffer zone in the case of an inland invasion. The west of Canada is mostly connected to a single region, Northwest Territories. However to get to the western side of Canada, an invader would need to gain either Manitoba or Nunavut. These two regions are a natural chokepoint on the Canadian map, as they are only connected to a single Western region each; Understanding the "connectivity" of areas on the map is vital to preventing a surrounded capital and priority assignment of resources.

The capital, Ontario, is in a very unfavourable position as it is only connected to two other Canadian regions; Manitoba and Quebec. If these regions were to be conquered (obviously without conquering Ontario) it would result in removing Canada's production bonuses. For an invading force, that would make these regions the highest priority target as the logical assumption is a Canada without production bonuses = a weaker Canada.

That makes Nunavut the most important tactical region in Canada's defence against an inland invasion; It prevents an invasion into the western part of Canada and blocks the second region needed to surround the capital.

However, this is based on the assumption that the invading force is not a superpower, because a superpower would just smash through Canada and stop production bonuses by taking all Canadian regions (then that Gaining Congress/Wipe avoidance strategy in my previous article comes into play).

But carrying on the assumption that the invader has limited firepower, and therefore unable to fully occupy Canada, they would try to maximise the effect of their firepower.. by surrounding the capital. They would not try to conquer Ontario because then that would move the capital to British Columbia (providing Quebec is conquered) which is on the furtherest western side of Canada - and thats alot of battles to win for a non-superpower to get there.

Therefore, the best route to surrounding the capital would be: Newfoundland or Quebec --> Nunavut --> Minitoba. The best defensive policy for Canada then be would be to reserve all resources for Nunavut, and wait for the enemy to lose the will.

Figure 2: International region connections to Canada

This section is more subjective to current events; In this situation the bordering countries which are at war with Canada are the UK and Ireland, but both possible invaders share the same border region: Newfoundland&Labrador. This is Canada's next chokepoint to European invaders, but uniquely even if UK or Ireland won the region, only one invader would be able to enter Canada. However, this chokepoint only exists because the French routes into Canada are held by their original owner. If they were taken by ONE forces, then Canada would be facing a two front war on their eastern regions. In that case, the best defensive policy would be leave the east as a buffer zone and refer to the inland strategy explained under Figure 1.

However, in this lil brain bubble, we are considering Ireland (EDEN) as an enemy of Canada. In likelihood, TERRA countries would still keep EDEN MPPs with the exception of Ireland under Canada's request, so the USA would not be directly involved in the fight with Ireland (because then the USA would clash with Ireland's EDEN MPPs), even if we forget the USA is tangoing in Europe.

Hence, Canada would be alone in direct fights and only advantage is during TERRA primetime.

Normally, EDEN nations would launch attacks against ONE in TERRA primetime because the majority of ONE (and EDEN) would be in bed or early morning. However, attacking Canada in TERRA primetime would be a disadvantage to Ireland, as most of EDEN would be asleep and Canada's MPP fully loaded... so all attacks from Ireland would come in ONE (and EDEN) primetime (i.e. When Canada, USA, Brazil etc is in bed or early morning).

The clash between a TERRA and EDEN nation across the timezones would be an unusual fight, but it means whoever has the initiative has a very large advantage. For this reason, Canada might actually be better off pouring alot of resources into keeping initiative instead of defence.

In this situation, Ireland and the UK would just need to hold onto too one of the regions surrounding the Canadian Capital. UK has ONE allies, and Ireland has EDEN allies. Each pulling from two different damage pools in the same timezone = A very boned Canada.

But would Ireland and UK actually coordinate like that? Well despite this "sexy" war reaaaaaly not being on the cards, if it were to happen it would be a drain on TERRA and EDEN, so I doubt either HQs would mind having ONE pulled into it aswell.

Canada and Ireland aren't actually going to fight - but I'll look for any excuse to stretch my legs. As much as Rylde might want too get at Ireland for the two Irish strikes into Sweden... He can move back to a ONE country if he doesn't like it. Wouldn't be the first time. Irish-Canadian relations been a bit sour over the last few months for a few reasons, but nothing serious, just a bit of petty politics.


Dryblas Day 1,464, 15:13

Vote for guy from POW : D

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,464, 15:20


Piolun Day 1,464, 15:28

its just fail trolololone:P

Skylovaravas Day 1,464, 15:33

Epic vote for you
Epic fail for ONE

potiri1815 Day 1,464, 15:43


Punisher FC
Punisher FC Day 1,464, 15:52


Wry you not have more subs.

Sub Seanan nao!

Marcus Suridius
Marcus Suridius Day 1,464, 16:07


hailey14 Day 1,464, 16:32

lol xD

he doesnt have 100000 subs cus hes not in a populated country, which is a pity : )

Lorenzo Anello
Lorenzo Anello Day 1,465, 01:28

welcome to the trolls club

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