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Timisoara was conquered by dSoKre in the war versus Romania - 5 days ago

Day 1,695, 06:59 by The Dark J0ker

Last friday at 5:00 in the morning my trip to Timisoara started. I planned to go with Jablancro and metabarun by train but they must go to some wedding and I heard Dunci from Slovenia will go through Zagreb with his car and I talk to him to pick me up. Suddenly two days before the trip Dunci told me he couldn’t go too :( I decide to go by train myself and I thought it would be boring to travel over 400 km and 6.5 hours alone.

But It was a great trip because I met one cute girl and we’re going out this week \o/

drenic aka Gusterche wait me in Belgrade and we go at the lunch.

There Milos Jablanovic joined us and we were waiting for Grancica (aka Blackeye Vuk) and Yura Zver to finish with their jobs :D

We pick them up and we send Yura Zver and Gusterche to buy some beers and our journey from Belgrade to Timisoara can begin \o/

We drank that beers pretty soon and we must stop to gas station to buy more and now you can see our yellow submarine :D

Yura Zver, Blackeye Vuk and Milos Jablanovic at the back seat of yellow submarine had a great time, there was around 50 °C :)

You can see Gusterche and me are enjoying in front:

Gusterche was very hardworking and he made a trip plan how to get to Timisoara:

Unfortunately he didn’t believe to his navigation and he bring his cell phone with maps and we took a shortcut to small border crossing in Jaša Tomić:

You can’t believe it, it was closed and we must go to other border crossing 40 km far. We were very thirsty and we must pullover for more beers and you can see that temperature after 20h was still 30°C:

You can see that Gusterche was very happy when we finally get to border crossing which is open:

You can see our journey from Belgrade to Timisoara :)

Finally we came to Timisoara where Ortodox 4 ever waited for us in his red ferrari and lead us directly to the meeting because we came around 22:30 h:

Gusterche was very happy when we finally arrived to the meeting:

Because we were pretty late I’ll show I couldn’t take a photo of all people there, but if you want to see how look like:

mesther, matracuca, Charisiadis Hlias, Tasos Maximus, Gregus Hedvik, alzena, M Bogdan, Atsalenia, xtasia, taina, darco, Bogdan Adamutz, Dsalageanu, Chandra, gr3ed, Ignatius, Crista22, pi_design, wudang82, Petsku, Saaha, Romansul, scsaby, Vipescu, Emil JC, neotrix, ionesta, vlad_sabau, LadyArgana, avec, Squirrel, AlexMilotin, MermaidPrincess, wowotzange, hitman, ion-voda, Aaladinus, Xul0, bandigarf, srnica, montela12, pista2, Krichnouk, Fanette, Biduloh, Roscatul, Shadowman Fza, Xafania, Razvan Alin, Iodani, Art_Vandalayi, Sas Dragos, Florys, Blackpanther76, Alexis Nichiforos, Sirdevil, clawy, orthodox 4 ever, Ilphen, Sunsetter, ExploitDetected, Bihorean, Highst, aniujual,
cosminell, drinkeru, BMA77, valy81 or alpho or someone else I’m sure I miss somebody :/

You can see it all HERE at this gallery

We stayed at that bar until 2:00 and then 5 of us with Shadowman Fza went to our Hostel Costel where were staying:

We wanted to go out partying, we were changing our clothes...

Gusteche wanted to go out in my jersey of Croatian National Football team but when we lie to our beds we felt a sleep in just few minutes.

Next day we were looking ourselves in mirror and we all look marvelous :D

Our hostel was great, many interesting things there:

In the morning we go to city to grab something to eat and go sightseeing :)

Because of economic crisis they have bench for only one person and we need to bring some bigger bench in the shadow :D

Gusterche finally found some pussy xD

In the meantime we saw all this buildings:

After that we went to souvenir shop and we buy magnets for fridge:

After that we knew that we see all here and it’s time to go to hostel :)

First we went to market to buy some beers, ice cream and our favourite food:

...and we had a great afternoon in our living room with Xbox 360 and kinetic:

You can see the video how Yura Zver beats Milos Jablanovic at 100m:

I’m sorry I didn’t record bowling, table tennis or long jump, it was very funny :D But you can see in next video how guys are dancing at Llama song :

After exhausting afternoon we order 4 pizzas for us, we waited it for over 1,5 hours and the guy brings us wrong pizzas :/ We almost starved to death but we go out to eat pizza and it was great pizza and much cheaper than one we order :

After we ate we go to meeting to partyyyyyy

Yura Zver, darco, ortodox 4 ever

mesther, matracuca, M Bogdan and Bogdan Adamutz

I didn’t have too many photos from our meeting point but you have some galleries



and HERE

and you can see couple of hundred pictures there :)

We have after party at club El Che:

Sas Dragos was flying there xD

Cronoss and Hitman were enjoying my flashlight xD

I have a great time at El Che but it would be even better if DJ was smarter and if he didn’t play one romanian and one foreign song :)

...and after some sleep we must move on:

When we entered Serbia we saw some witch selling her broom and giving motorcycle for free :D

We must stop in Žitište because Rocky was waiting for us there :D

We came to Belgrade around 16:00 and temperature was pretty low, only 35°C :)

I thought I have a train at 17:30 but I was wrong, I was looking for wrong timetable, my next train went at 21:30 but I didn’t care, I was enjoying at the bar drinking cold coffee and watching final of the Wimbledon and that means my trip would take even longer \o/

I just want to show you some bills from Romania to show you prices from there:

1 € = 4.5 LEI

Pizza at the restaurant = 15 LEI
Heineken 0.5 L in the club = 6 LEI
Night in hostel = 80 LEI
Big Menu in McDonalds = 21 LEI

How many € I spent on this trip:

Train in both directions Zagreb - Belgrade: 40 €
Money for gas for car: 20 €
Two nights in hostel: 18 €
Food and booze: 87 €
Total: 165 €

I just wanna show you how many of you could came here from near countries because this is very very cheap but it’s your lose, not mine :) It was fascinating that players came from Finland, France, Germany, Greece but there wasn’t anyone from Turkey, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina but I’ll say it again, it’s your lose xD

I know I have a great time, I met so many new people and you can fell free to add me on facebook. Unfortubately 3 days is too short time to know everyone from meeting and I’m sure I didn’t even meet all players from this pictures because there were too many people and too short time.

I hope next meeting who’ll be in Greece we could be all at same hotel or hostel to hang around all day and night :D

I meeting should last at least a week, especially because next will be at the seaside \o/

I hope we’ll meet again next year in Greece \o/

You can see article of Lady Argana and her trip to Timisoara HERE

I’m trying to collect all countries of the eWorld for my True Patriot History and now I’m at 25/70 countries and you can help me if you are congressman :)



The Dark J0ker
The Dark J0ker Day 1,695, 07:00

See you next year in Greece \o/

ZeneFallX Day 1,695, 07:03


Next meeting you can count on me! : )

MRGAMEN Day 1,695, 07:26


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,695, 07:26

Nice report!

SvakoDobro Day 1,695, 07:27

that is why is eLife worth livin`

Rendulic Day 1,695, 07:27

zaboravili ste da pokupite kurve...

Ambrosius77 Day 1,695, 07:29

Excellent article, vote!

Thermaikos Day 1,695, 07:29


Igor the vampire
Igor the vampire Day 1,695, 07:29


Ctthrg Day 1,695, 07:29

Comment deleted

Atsalenia Day 1,695, 07:29

next year in Greece

Gambino_SSSS Day 1,695, 07:36

Kad su čuli da idu Gušter, Jura i dSoKre zatvoprili su granični prelaz. Ipak TO Temišvara je uspeo.

Bravo momci

alzena Day 1,695, 07:37

See you next year in Greece \o/

Pablo EscobarJr
Pablo EscobarJr Day 1,695, 07:39

Gusterche vidi ti se bala u nosu

Shadowman Fza
Shadowman Fza Day 1,695, 07:39

Great time spent together with you guys...renting the whole hostel, hotel, villa, next time is a "Must Do" !

ValdemarButor Day 1,695, 07:40

nice trip, I should say

fairgr Day 1,695, 07:40


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,695, 07:42

u know how to play thsi game...respect o7

Sas Dragos
Sas Dragos Day 1,695, 07:42

Spend so little money because some romanian guy buyed you beers.

Sas Dragos
Sas Dragos Day 1,695, 07:43

P.S. All the falcons fly! (Soimii Patriei shalalalal Soimii Soimii Patriei, shalalalalla)

kikooo Day 1,695, 07:47


ps.. don't drink and drive, guys!!

Sunsetter Day 1,695, 07:48

Your camera was a bit dizzy, I see : D
Great having you here, see you next time!

Soimii Patriei shalalalala
Soimii Soimii Patriei shalalalalala

The Dark J0ker
The Dark J0ker Day 1,695, 07:50

Sunsetter, It's smartphone, it is dizzy when I'm drunk xD

Generic Day 1,695, 07:55

Everywhere written Timisoara, but on the paper it's Temisvar
Komsije trolling

Atsalenia Day 1,695, 07:56

it is dizzy when I'm drunk xD hahahahahahahaha

kouroumpelo hsoun dSoKre :DDDDD pio gkol den mporouses na hsoun ))))))

Elle Dinar Andari
Elle Dinar Andari Day 1,695, 07:56

interesting story ♥

Ovalni Chmar
Ovalni Chmar Day 1,695, 07:57

voteeeed nice : D

nikol000 Day 1,695, 07:58

Sa kim si isao dobro niste u Sloveniji zavrsili

Matracuca Day 1,695, 07:59

great story dSokre !

oboj Day 1,695, 08:01

great article!

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,695, 08:04

The girl in red/pink dress... anyone knows her? (:

icelle Day 1,695, 08:09

see you in Greece

ORTODOX 4 EVER Day 1,695, 08:15

Finally we came to Timisoara where Ortodox 4 ever waited for us in his red ferrari...LOLOL
Great story!!
next year in Solun (Thessaloniki)

Hostilian Day 1,695, 08:15

Well after seeing the prices, I think I'll go for a weekend to Temisoara to save some cash...

ORTODOX 4 EVER Day 1,695, 08:18

eeee da... fali deo oko Vinkovaca!?? hihihiiihii

ByK DS1989
ByK DS1989 Day 1,695, 08:19


JustNosfe Day 1,695, 08:24

haha good one )

Zeka-Peka Day 1,695, 08:25


scsaby Day 1,695, 08:35

wow great article/photos/story/.../Timisoara
: D

thaddaus Day 1,695, 08:46

nice, very nice
i hope i can go to Greece next year!

Mire tica Feniks
Mire tica Feniks Day 1,695, 08:50

Bravo kamaradi

ManuR Day 1,695, 08:58

Excellent article, vote!

alpho Day 1,695, 09:01

Hope you had an osom time and will bring more Croats next time o/

Eashoa Msheekha
Eashoa Msheekha Day 1,695, 09:08

vote. cool

M_ Bandic
M_ Bandic Day 1,695, 09:08

a kurve ? lol

svaka cast, odlican clanak!

dr.Gonzo Escobar
dr.Gonzo Escobar Day 1,695, 09:09


pista2 Day 1,695, 09:09

very good and interesting article. It is good to know that everyone was happy.

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,695, 09:11

Hey! If you want to come to Israel for your True Patriot history, you're welcome. I will grant you CS

zafthfirst Day 1,695, 09:15


LadyArgana Day 1,695, 09:16

see you next year in Greece \o/\o/\o/\o/

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