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This eThai Demands a Congressional Investigation - And Other News

Day 717, 14:28 Published in Thailand Thailand by Travis Byrd
eThailand's Presidential Election

Newly independent eThailand has a new President, Masila of the Thai Girl Party. His amazing story of how he became elected is one that is truly of note. The TGP was able to collect 75 votes for their Presidential Candidate. That is 23 more votes than were cast for their candidates during the last Congressional Elections. And for him to do that while living (in RL) in the middle of an Indonesian Rain Forest is amazing.

To be perfectly honest, it is unbelievable. Especially considering that TGP only has 5 party members. Especially considering that eThailand has only admitted 21 more citizens since the Congressional Elections. Especially considering that Masila hasn't:

1. Made a single post on eThai Forums.
2. Entered into our IRC channel.
3. Made more than one eThai media before announcing his candidacy.

So, let it be known that this eThai would like our Congress to look into possibility *cough probability* that:

1. Masila used rule-breaking methods to steal the election.
2. The TGP used TO-like methods to win when they shouldn't.

As an eThai, I am wanting the best for our nation, its reputation, and its true eCitizens. So, I challenge you, our eThai Congressmen. Use your Congressional Forums. Talk about this issue. Decide on a course. And if it is concluded that Masila has used less than honorable means to win his tainted seat in office, then IMPEACH him immediately.

These proceedings should happen in the public, in the Congressional Forums, and should be discussed for atleast a day so that all parties have a chance to express their views.

In Other News: Wargames are About to get More Expensive! YAO

The Admins posted today that they had intended for allies to fight for each other only when MPP's are active, not when wars are active. That means that for us to continue fighting in Wargames, we must make sure that we renew our MPP's with either eMalaysia or eSlovakia every month. And with the expenses of Wargame MPP's rising to 200G all-in, this will be a lot more expensive of a proposition.

That is it for today. Hope to have better news for you all tomorrow.

Travis Byrd
The Siamese Sentinel


Sonnyita Day 717, 15:09

Mh, you're pretty right, man!

Vincent Garibaldi
Vincent Garibaldi Day 717, 15:56

Yeah, with 200 g wargames, we will probably be better off frequently sending soldiers to fight, and giving Nouveauk a much bigger budget. Goddamnit.

Nouveauk Day 717, 17:57

Whoa. Nice digging, Thingol. How did you manage to find that out?

Masila Day 718, 02:30

Travis, please be more skeptic.
1st, im really in the forest, maybe i must upload my photos. And i cant manage any PTO.

Then the probability. You only write probabilities which edging me.
I got 75 Votes and Vincent got 60. TGP get 23 more then before and the 2 parties lost their votes, maybe above 100.
What are the probabilities?
1. I still have my old voters and get more 23 votes from some new voters (new born, from citizenship acception or citizen which not voted before) while Vincent loose his old voters.
2. I loose some votes and get more then 23 votes from some new voters while Vincent loose his old voters.
3. I still have my old voters and get more 23 votes from Vincent old voters while Vincent loose his old voters.
4. I loose some votes and get more then 23 votes from Vincent old voters while Vincent loose his old voters.
5. I still have my old voters and get more 23 votes from Vincent old voters and some new voters while Vincent loose his old voters.
6. I loose some votes and get more then 23 votes from Vincent old voters and some new voters while Vincent loose his old voters.

Did all of your party members give their vote for Vincent?

Sometimes i do a random vote because i dont know/like the whole candidates.

1. Masila never post anything in eThai forum.
2. Enter eThai IRC
3. Made more then 1 article before my candidacy

I tell you something, people vote not just because of that.
When i was Indonesian president, my rival is NicoSianipar.
He's more experienced
He's stronger
He had more treasury
And that time he was the Peace SG
According to your theorema, He should get elected
But why me?
There are many other factors and your theorema is not completely true

I like Thingol style and his maturity.
Those banned citizens maybe gave their votes for me, but maybe its some traps for insulting me...

Travis Byrd
Travis Byrd Day 718, 07:08


You post about still having your voters. And I believe you. I am just asking, who are they? Its amazing you have 75 people in support of you, but yet NONE of them are active in our IRC or Forums. Quite suspicious.

And as for the things you havent done, they just go to show that it doesn't make any sense for 75 intelligent-minded people to cast a vote for you. You didn't campaign at all. You haven't really shown any active presence in this country. For sure, not nearly enough to warrant the results you achieved in the election.

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