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The progress of the New Economic Model - Leaks from Plato's HQ

Day 1,981, 12:25 Published in Serbia Poland by JackieB
Before they started

After 3 months of hard work

Plato, are you serious?
We are still waiting!


Elbert Gong
Elbert Gong Day 1,981, 12:26

Pierwsza! ha!

windfall Day 1,981, 12:35


Elbert Gong
Elbert Gong Day 1,981, 12:49


windfall Day 1,981, 12:59


Elbert Gong
Elbert Gong Day 1,981, 13:03


JackieB Day 1,981, 13:12

nie gzdzic mi tu sie w komciach ;p

Elbert Gong
Elbert Gong Day 1,981, 13:18

Będę robić co chce! i gdzie chce

JackieB Day 1,981, 13:23


hehas Day 1,983, 10:03


Insane in the brain
Insane in the brain Day 1,981, 12:28

druga! haha!

El Reto
El Reto Day 1,981, 12:29

No i koniec podium, moje panie.

windfall Day 1,981, 12:34

Plato cannot into economy!

Sewek151 Day 1,981, 22:35

what economy?

Pitejro82 Day 1,981, 12:36


staruszek Day 1,981, 12:38

Jedyna forma eknomii w tej grze -

SmutnaBuzia Day 1,983, 09:15

error 404, podejrzane

Arbooz Day 1,981, 12:48

Chodziło o kopalnie golda, już pozamiatane

nazanin s
nazanin s Day 1,981, 12:50

Vote xD

El Senso
El Senso Day 1,981, 12:55

votato xD

Celtic Knight
Celtic Knight Day 1,981, 13:19

Ahahhahahahahhahahahahha! ☺

Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Day 1,981, 13:55


Velin Genadiev
Velin Genadiev Day 1,981, 14:26

When the last dash disappears the work will start with careful thinking of the question why to work,because with or without it it doesn't matters anyway from a long time ago.In both cases wins only few people .. out there.We're stupid ones who are allowed to buy yellow pixels and to push hard our left button of the mouse.No more,no less..

Gruyo Gruev
Gruyo Gruev Day 1,981, 14:33

still guerilla fight is cool

Incitator Day 1,981, 14:59

at least the bar is moving:))))))

bernoldi_salieri Day 1,981, 21:46

Comment deleted

Singularia Tantum
Singularia Tantum Day 1,982, 08:37

It leaks into toilet

Cosmin7 Day 1,982, 10:08

the guerilla fight is not complete

DraGaN18 Day 1,982, 14:42

every day they give us some 'special offers' when they get enught money new economy model will be released(game shut down) and start some new shit where they will screw up things take money and close it

Pegavac Day 1,983, 00:26


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