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The Killah Times - Pre Production Page

Day 1,195, 17:26 by John Killah

Song featured in this article: Shepherd of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold

When did the community devolve into this? You know we’re plumbing new depths when I actually have something to write about that isn’t party related!

This article isn’t aimed at everyone there. Some have stayed silent, and some have tried to remain polite and respectful when they haven’t been silent.

Congress to be renamed Kindergarten!

That is seriously what it feels like being there right now. Congress has never been my favorite place in the game … It is a wretched hive of scum and villainy … Sorry, but it was a good moment for a Star Wars joke. But seriously, it is without a doubt right up there as one of the most frustrating places to be.

Every term i’ve served, I have sat there, reading every thread, every post, and I have wanted to constantly smash my head into a keyboard repeatedly until it breaks. The only thing that stops me is not wanting to buy a new keyboard everyday and not wanting to kill what few remaining brain cells I may have left :3

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll always try and accommodate other peoples opinions, I’ll consider another view, I will always try to listen. But there are times when you sit there, read a post, and wonder if the person on the other side was on some sort of drugs when they typed out the paragraph of drivel your brain has tried to decipher.

Pretty sure I’ve made posts like that. Heck, I once searched back to my earliest posts as a Congress member and I cringe and wonder what on earth I was thinking when I posted … What can I say, personal growth and all that xD!

But this term, I can’t believe what has been going on, and for the first time, I honestly wished congress was dissolved or officially renamed to eUS Kindergarten.

Say WHA?!

The snowball that started it all was DMV’s request to Congress to overturn his Blacklisting so he could return home. Bit of background - The Blacklist is the list of people who Congress has deemed a threat to the country and should not be let back into the country or any official post within the government. Usually you find people associated with Ajay/RGR on this list. DMV however was on it at (again) his own request when he left for Canada.

Cue Congress splitting into two sides - Those willing to forgive and forget, and those who refused to agree. This is the eternal battle in Congress in current times, and with some exceptions, you can usually call which side people will choose. Then the topic gets derailed and no longer is solely about DMV and whether to let him in … but that if we let Pfeiffer back after all he’s done, why not DMV.

Yet again, another topic derailed for THAT conversation. Eventually, one congressman grew a nutsack and started a topic to discuss the censure of Pfeiffer for his past “crimes”. Before going any further, I just want to applaud Delyruin for this, especially considering the fact that he is of the same party as Pfeiffer. But, I digress …

Within the day plus that the thread has been open (It has passed Proposal stage and is even being voted on currently), the thread has already amassed more posts than most Congress Threads, topping out at 6 pages so far. The drama in that thread has not been fun, it has not been pleasing, it has been downright childish in some cases.

Let me be clear. I do not particularly like Pfeiffer. I find him arrogant, extremely insulting when there is no need, and vitriolic, and i’ve disagreed with his methods multiple times. That being said however, I can admit that he has done a lot for the country not only publicly, but behind the scenes. When people refused to get their hands dirty to protect their image, he shrugs his shoulders and does it. I will not condone his actions, but neither can I fully condemn them when they have helped the eUS.

The fact that the censure is being based on actions over SIX MONTHS AGO is disgraceful, but this is a culmination of the constant derailing of threads by people like Franklin Stone, whose obsession with Pfeiffer and his wrongdoing is extremely saddening and annoying at the same time, for the sake of simply punishing someone they dislike.

And that is what this is all about

I am constantly saying that some people in Congress have this complex where they HAVE to have Justice dealt THEIR way (Usually bordering on extreme) or else justice has not been served at all. It has degenerated into pettiness, childishness and outright stupidity … all the sake of settling scores and getting one over on one another.

This is typical politics and hell, typical life. You see it everywhere. This however, is going too far. I heard one congressman call the USWP “Partisan” for their actions in Congress. I’m just going to point out how hypocritical that is … 1) - USWP is ONE SIDE (Usually, not all the time) of the battle in congress. Lo behold, the opposite side happens to be the side that said congressman is on. 2) - What do you EXPECT party members to do when one of their is attacked? Stand by and let it happen? That’s silly. As for the rest of the parties, they sorter fall between the two camps.

Congress has become a battleground for people to simply attack their political enemies and try to get rid of them. I don’t know about you, but this has annoyed me immensely and I feel that the people who perpetuate this cycle need to grow up and learn that the world isn’t always in their favor and that you have to turn the other cheek and move onwards and forwards. Especially when they start lashing out at people who don’t agree with their views, causing them mental distress and making them wish they weren’t around.

We’re meant to learn from our past and our mistakes. Not repeat them endlessly. Time to put your big boy pants on people … You’re not children, you’re adults. Act like it.

I fully expect people to disagree and tell me how wrong I am in the comments. Guess what? Go ahead, this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

The man of Integri … who am I kidding, i’m just a joker really



Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,195, 18:46

Good article, *thumbsup.jpg*

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,923, 15:10

Much respect JK!

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