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The Killah Times - Pre Production Page

Day 1,195, 17:26 by John Killah

Ok, so i’ve been teasing this article for the past week - 2 weeks … and now the time comes to write it, I’m strangely almost at a loss for words on how to write it, and anyone who knows me knows i’m very rarely at a loss for words and that I find it difficult to keep things to myself xD!

Now, this will come as no surprise to some people … I’m NOT VERY GOOD at keeping exciting news and ideas to myself, I always inadvertently end up saying something to someone, and this happened quite a few times … I SUCK AT KEEPING SOME THINGS SECRET ALRIGHT!

Just spit it out already

Ok, so this isn’t really eRep … more RL.

As of October 7th, John Killah … became a married man. I’m not joking or pulling anyones leg, I officially married the most awesome girl ever IRL and i’m getting used to the feel of this ring on my left hand … I usually wear a ring on my right xD!

“ZOMGWTF … JK CAN INTO MARRIAGE?!” … Yup, apparently so … and I want to share it with everyone, mainly because you actually might know who i’m talking about. Some people say i’m crazy (I agree with them, I am 100% Grade A Crazy … I blame eRep), others were like “AWESOME”

So may I introduce you to the RL Mrs Killah … - SARAHT0GA!

Cue open jaw moments and gasps

So, lemme get this right ...

Yup … I married an eRepper IRL xD … This ain’t no “eWedding” … This is Completely Real, Wedding Rings on Fingers and Wedding Certificate real. Not sure who else has done this, but until someone corrects me, this might possibly be one of the first marriage’s caused by eRepublik (Oh dear god, Plato’s head is going to explode!)

So, here’s the tale! -

* - First, I flew from my lovely little home in the United Kingdom to the capital (London), to catch a long haul flight across that large Atlantic Ocean.
* - At the same time, Saraht0ga caught a short flight from her apartment in Florida, to our meeting point -

NEW YORK CITY! - Any images in this article are ones I actually took myself and as such, enjoy the experience xD

* - Second, after a 7 hour flight and a -5 hour time difference, I landed at JFK International Airport … then spent the next 1 and a half hours stuck in a queue for Customs >_>
* - Meanwhile, Sarah was stuck waiting “impatiently (she says)” at the entrance since her flight had arrived hours before me and the hotel was in my name.

* - Finally, after a quick wavethrough and collecting my luggage, I got to the entrance … And shared the biggest hug ever with Sarah!

There MAY have been the slightest bit of awkwardness at the beginning since because, well, we’d finally just met each other face to face xD! But after that, it was exactly like we were on our Killah-t0ga hour … ALL CUTE AND ADORABLE! And it was then that we realised exactly what we’d thought was going to happen - The chemistry and spark was there ^_^

So, what happened?!!

Sadly, we were kinda … cash-strapped. So that meant huge extravagant plans were out of the window, champagne bubbles baths were not happening … but that didn’t mean we didn’t have the best holiday we could ever have asked for -

We’re a nerd couple, we didn’t need to do mushy stuff … just gaming together was enjoyable for us while we talked for hours about absolutely anything. Cuddles and gorging on all manner of takeaways (I introduced Sarah to her very first curry … because of her we had THREE during the time I was here … She’s terrible >_>)

And then ofc, when the opportunity was finally there -

I took her left hand, and slipped the ring on the ring finger, while she put a ring on mine. We both said “I Do” with huge grins on our faces, and then of course, the whole “Kiss the Bride” thing, and with that, by the power of the State of New York, we were officially a Married Couple … DAWWWW xD!

And that’s it!

We both just wanted to share this huge moment in our lives with the community that brought us together. The game is a huge pile of ****, and yet, despite all this, the people that play it kept us both playing long enough to meet each other, first in game, and then IRL.

Despite the adversities, the horrible problems this country has faced, the spate of viciousness that marked the darkest hours, people came through and the nation as a whole has finally begun to heal and find themselves again … And if there is one hope from this article, it’s that people can still find something new in this game. There are people on the other end of that monitor that you laugh with, cry with, plot with, get angry with … people you share a whole range of emotions with, they are real, and the possibilities you can have with them are ENDLESS!

Just remember this and enjoy yourselves!

From the Happy Couple of Mr and Mrs Killah



Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,195, 18:46

Good article, *thumbsup.jpg*

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,923, 15:10

Much respect JK!

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