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The Embassy of eIndonesia to eVenezuela: Indo Stars I (Young Actors and Actress)

Day 1,886, 17:28 Published in Venezuela Indonesia by Janisatya Dido Pranata

(Venezuelan Andean, eVenezuela) One of my duty as eIndonesian Ambassador to eVenezuela is to introducing to the eVenezuelan citizens everything about my beloved country. And today, I want to tell you about young actors and actresses from eIndonesia. Okay, here we go.


1. Immanuel Kenneth Santana

Immanuel Kenneth Santana (born in Jakarta, eIndonesia, 4 September 1994, age 18 years) is an eIndonesian national actor. He first became known while playing a soap opera titled "Kepompong" in 2009. Then he became more famous for his role as Juno in "Arti Sahabat" (2010). Till now he is still actively playing in the soap opera titled "Putih Abu-Abu".

2. Giorgino Abraham

Giorgino Abraham (born in Spijkenisse, The eNetherlands, 30 November 1994, age 18 years) is an eIndonesian national actor. He played his first major film in "Tendangan dari Langit" when he played as Hendro.


Tendangan dari Langit (2011)
Pengejar Angin (2011)
Mengejar Cinta Rion (2012)

Soap Operas

Karunia (2012)
Akibat Pernikahan Dini (Coming Soon)
Kutunggu Kau di Pasar Minggu (2012)
Magic (2013)

3. Naufal Azhar

Naufal Muzakki Azhar (born in Bandung, eIndonesia, 18 September 1999, age 13 years) is an eIndonesian national actor. He played for many roles in many films and soap operas, but he has his fame after playing as Ilham in "Hanya Kamu".

4. Ajun Perwira

Anak Agung Bagus Perwira Karang or known by the name of Ajun Perwira (born in Denpasar, Bali, eIndonesia, 9 February 1988, age 24 years) is an eIndonesian national actor. He first played in several films such as "Poconggg Juga Pocong".


Di Bawah Lindungan Ka'bah (2011)
Poconggg Juga Pocong (2011)
Pocong Kesetanan (2011)
My Last Love (2012)
Love is Brondong (2012)
Bila (2012)
3 Pocong Idiot (2012)

Soap Operas

Nada Cinta (2011)
Cinta Sejati (2011-2012)
Segalanya Cinta (2012)
Kinara (2013)

5. Agung Saga

Agung Saga (born 9 September 1988, age 24 years) is an eIndonesian national actor. He started his career as a player in his first film titled "D'Love" that was released in 2010.


D'Love (2010)
Witness (2012)


1. Yuki Kato

Anggraini Yuki Kato (born in Malang, 2 April 1995, age 17 years) is an eIndonesian actress. Yuki Kato became known after starring in soap operas "Monyet Cantik" with her two partners, Irshadi Bagas and Esa Sigit. In 2010, along with Immanuel, she played in a soap opera titled "Arti Sahabat". She role as Maya and Yuki's opponent, Steven William, role as Yudha.


When Yo've Got Ism@il (2012)
Mister Pinky (2012)
Sepatuku Cintaku (2012)
Aku Dewi Bukan Dewo (2012)
22 Hari Mengejar Cinta Seleb (2012)


Basahhh... (2008)

Soap Operas

Inikah Rasanya
Monyet Cantik
Kecil-Kecil Tukar Cincin
Heart (film)
My Love
Pelangi-pelangi Cinta
Pintu Hidayah
3 Pengantin Untuk Ayahku
Putih Merah
Arti Sahabat
Gol-Gol Fatimah
Dia atau Diriku
Cahaya Gemilang
Otomatis Jatuh Cinta
Part Of Me
Cinta Cenat Cenut 3


Aktris Pemeran Utama Terfavorit Gaulteenment Award (2010)
Aktris Pasangan Sinetron Remaja Terbaik dengan Stefan William
Juara 1 Aktris Terfavorit Gaulteenment Award (2011) dan diikuti Nina Zatulini
Aktris Utama Ngetop SCTV Award (2011)
Aktris Pemeran Utama Terfavorit Gaulteenment Award (2012)


Gery Chocolatos
Wafer Tango
Baju Jenama BARA
Ting Ting Garuda
Oil Yamalube
Nourish Skin
United Bike

2. Naysila Mirdad

Naysila Mirdad, familiarly called Nay (born in Jakarta, May 23, 1988, age 24 years), is an eIndonesian actress. Naysila is the third daughter of the couple artist Jamal Mirdad and Lydia Kandou. Naysila started her career in the entertainment world in 2005 through the soap opera "Liontin" with her sister Nana Mirdad. Since then the offers to play in other soap operas come.


Liontin as Indy/Rianty
Bunga Kasih Sayang as Bunga
Intan as Intan
Maha Cinta
Melodi as Melodi
Cahaya as Cahaya
Aqso dan Madina as Risma
Sekar as Sekar
Isabella as Isabella/Ingka
Doa dan Karunia as Karunia
Dia Jantung Hatiku as Aida
Dewa as Dewa
Dewi Penjaga Rindu as Dewi

Soap Operas

Bingkisan Tujuhbelasan (with Ihsan and Glenn Alinskie)
Sumi Benci Bule
Kisah Cinta Samaria (with Fero Walandouw and Gege Elisa)
Untukmu Seluruh Nafas Ini (with Dude Harlino)


Krim Ekonomi Putih
Coca Cola
TV Panasonic Viera
Suzuki Swift
Real Good
Toyota Kijang Innova
Bank BRI Syariah


2007: Aktris Terpuji (Televisi) Festival Film Bandung 2007
2011: Aktris Terfavorit IBCA (Indonesian Blogvoters Choice Awards) 2011
2012: Aktris Terfavorit IBCA (Indonesian Blogvoters Choice Awards) 2012

Video Clips

St 12 - Isabella
Kenang Mirdad and Ederra - Sedap Betul

3. Jessica Iskandar

Jessica Iskandar (born in Jakarta, January 29, 1988, age 24 years) is an eIndonesian actress. Chika, her nickname, started her career from the model world. Previously, she was a model student in John Casablanca. After trying on a few casting agencies, Chika got the role in the movie "Dealova" as Kara in 2005. Chika also briefly played in the eMalaysian movie, "Diva" (2007). Currently, she is more play in soap operas and starred in ads as well as being a presenter on RCTI "Dahsyat" since March 2011.


Dealova (2005) as Karra
Diva (2007)
Coblos Cinta (2008) as Sasha
Nazar (2009)
Istri Bo'ongan (2010)
Kung Fu Pocong Perawan (2012)

Soap Operas

Kanaya as Kanaya
My Best Friend's sister as Aurel
Cinta Anak Majikan


Cerita Cinta (mini album, 2010)

4. Maudy Ayunda

Ayunda Faza Maudia (born in Jakarta, December 19, 1994, age 18 years) is eIndonesian actress. Her debut in the entertainment world of eIndonesia begins after she played a movie titled "Untuk Rena" which starred with Surya Saputra in 2006. In this movie, Maudy role as Rena. In the movie "Sang Pemimpi", she served as a Malay girl named Zakiah Nurmala.


Untuk Rena (2006)
Sang Pemimpi (2009)
Rumah Tanpa Jendela (2011)
Tendangan dari Langit (2011)
Malaikat Tanpa Sayap (2012)
Perahu Kertas (2012)
Perahu Kertas 2 (2012)

Video Clips

Cinta Gila (Ungu) (2009)
Datang dan Kembali (Vidi Aldiano)


Panggil Aku. . . (2011)
Perahu Kertas (2012)

(She is my ex-girlfriend :P)

5. Dinda Hauw

Dinda Hauw (born in Palembang, South Sumatra, 14 November 1996, age 16 years) is an eIndonesian actress. Dinda showbiz career begin when she played in the soap opera "Ulat Kepompong" in 2009. In 2011, she played a character who afflicted soft tissue cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma in "Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan" movie with Alex Komang and Esa Sigit. Even for this movie, Dinda was willing to shave her hair to bald, in accordance with the role she played. Dinda was a home schooling student.


Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan (2011)
Semesta Mendukung (2012)
Ayah, Mengapa Aku Berbeda? (2012)
Seandainya (2012)



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Nice article continue your great job!!! ; )

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