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Texas is free

Day 2,060, 06:08 by Fjolnir Skjoldmathur

We achieved great victory today.

We began to fight and see the Serbian Empire collapse under our righteousness.

We fought for freedom, and in Texas - we achieved it!

Through blood, sweat and tears - we tear Texas off the Serbs and took it back to our rightful arms.

Today - feast and be happy, for Texas is free.

Now, our forces march to Jackson, Mississippi - for glory!

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maximum Security
maximum Security Day 2,060, 08:44


Cyber Army Hero
Cyber Army Hero Day 2,060, 11:03


Katawata Day 2,060, 17:15

Still a lot of country to liberate

Fjolnir Skjoldmathur
Fjolnir Skjoldmathur Day 2,062, 06:20


Stari Borac
Stari Borac Day 2,061, 00:24

You occupied Texas again but no worries, we'll liberate it again.

Fjolnir Skjoldmathur
Fjolnir Skjoldmathur Day 2,062, 06:20

Yes, Slav. You did.

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