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Szybki wywiad dla szybkich graczy

Day 2,121, 11:08 Published in Poland Poland by tomekfaszcz

Witam serdecznie wszystkich skuszonych tytułem, w dniu dzisiejszym krótko (i szybciutko!) i konkretnie.

Mam przyjemność zaprezentować wam rozmowę z obecną Minister Spraw Zagranicznych eHiszpanii odnośnie relacji bilateralnych oraz planów na przyszłość.
Aby uniknąć przekłamań lub zniekształceń wywiad publikuję w języku w jakim został przeprowadzony czyli angielskim.

<tomekfaszcz> First of all tell our readers something more about yourself. What were your previous experiance in government? How long do you play eR?

<akashapeke> I have been playing in er for 1 year and a half. I begun in ministry of defense, beeing mod, then vcp, cp, mofa, sc of two and sg of two during this last year

<tomekfaszcz> Could you also tell us how did you find out about erepublik?

<akashapeke> a friend of my ex boyfriend told me to play... hahaha

<tomekfaszcz> Last presidential elections were quite a heat for both Poland and Spain where 2 rivals fought evenly for the chair. Many people from Poland were openly supporting Calvo Sotelo who eventually lost. Could you tell us what were the main differences between those 2 candidates?

<akashapeke> I think this was politic before elections, both candidates were good and often when anyone could get the victory, both could make policy outside spain to have more support. Eventhough both rivals played elections the same way I'm very glad because both teams are capable to be in front of Spain
<akashapeke> eventhough the main differences would be in the team, not in the intentions

<tomekfaszcz> Its wildly known that Spain has certain affection for latin america countries. Could you describe to our new citizens (and old one too) in few words where did this interest come from?

<akashapeke> well, Spain is geographically the gate betwen america and europe, so Spain needs to have its neighbours by its side so we can consider safe. After that premise we worked together a lot and sharing the same language helped to create a good friendship with most of them.

<tomekfaszcz> What are the plans of goverment for upcoming term? Will you try to strengten the bond between TWO countires or rather ROLA?

<akashapeke> our first priority before TWO or ROLA is Poland. So first we have to strength bonds with you once again so everyone feels we are brothers, then, it will depend mostly on what spanish population wants and, ofc what Poland needs.

<akashapeke> Right now everyone is having their opinion. Some people don't get confortable about how we are treated in TWO, and feel like we are forced to accept enemies inside TWO like Argentina and Romania, so they are feeling more confortable on ROLA. On the other side we have people that prefers TWO no matter what so it will be heared lot of diferent opinions no matter what we finally do

<tomekfaszcz> I sow that channel is doing quite good, was it created just a while ago or have it already worked before? I didnt know that Spain used egov.

<akashapeke> in spain we control the damage by pulse, i don't know exactly when it was created
<akashapeke> but spanish mod wrote on the presidential program to do hits with spoland and now its the best time to use it =P


Jak widać w powyższym tekście, SPOLAND żyje i ma się dobrze. Przykładem wzajemnej przyjaźni może być sposób reakcji rządu Hiszpanii na deklarację NE wystawioną na Polskę przez Meksyk. O tym jednak nie zamierzam pisać, odsyłam was do lakonicznej wzmianki w obecnym wydaniu RR.

Na koniec BONUS dla wytrwałych
The origin of nicknames graczy z całego eGlobu, w tym naszej dzisiejszej rozmówczyni. Miłej lektury i do następnego razu.



Amroth Targaryen
Amroth Targaryen Day 2,121, 11:08

szybki comment dla szybkich newsow \o/

Zordacz Day 2,121, 11:11

szybkie podium od szybkiego komentatora

renholder Day 2,121, 11:13


sorsha Day 2,121, 11:53

Nie ma kozy, nie ma vołta

Dryblas Day 2,121, 12:02

A gdzie szybkie newsy? : (

jedimindtrick Day 2,121, 13:14


Mistrz Arkadiusz
Mistrz Arkadiusz Day 2,121, 16:07


Sewek151 Day 2,122, 01:49

szybszy vote

Kherehabath Day 2,122, 23:15


BieliznaXL Day 2,123, 03:34

relacji bianalnychy i nie czytam dalej, popraw

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