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Solution to eRepublik Lag

Day 1,188, 09:30 Published in USA USA by Henry Pfeiffer Arundel

OK guys, we've all seen it. eRep lagging like a <redacted for language>. Want to solve this problem, follow these steps:

1. Log out of erepublik

2. Navigate to (any foreign site will do /pl /fr /pt)

3. Fewer users = faster site

The buttons don't change, just the language. This is a simple way to reduce lag, and improve your (our) ability to fight in battles.

It would be really simple to make a /en2 site, so I doubt we'll get a second American server.



Henry Pfeiffer Arundel
Henry Pfeiffer Arundel Day 1,188, 09:32

so simple

Anyonymous Day 1,188, 09:35


SweetBags Day 1,188, 09:36

seriously, en needs more servers

MCorleoneFamily Day 1,188, 09:39

thanks !!

DisDuck Day 1,188, 09:39

Needs moar DD credit ^___^ but votado

GodFatherBear Day 1,188, 09:40

wow thats stupid. I hope the admins realize that en needs the most servers lol. (Official language of Erepublik)

GodFatherBear Day 1,188, 09:40

Anyways... voted + subed

kotekzot jr
kotekzot jr Day 1,188, 09:47

damn americans stealing our language, server resources.

Damien Wolf
Damien Wolf Day 1,188, 09:50

nice one! voted

Justin McCravok
Justin McCravok Day 1,188, 10:01

Good idea.

Jelly9473 Day 1,188, 10:37

So that means we could, if effectively organized all switch to say an enemies language and lag their server to hell while our tanks knock the walls down.

Muahahahahah huehuahuehua

Emerick Day 1,188, 11:21


darsdm Day 1,188, 13:07

If you're using Russian, then... вопрос

А при чём тут Derp (, если на картинке какой-то дирижабль-ага?

Migrant Day 1,188, 19:24

Great idea! Russian is really faster. I'm switching to /ru permanently. Have /en all for yourself.

ligtreb Day 1,189, 23:49

Good idea!

jazz_mattic Day 1,189, 04:51

it's time to start:
Hail eRussia!
Hail eUSA!


Ownzorz Day 1,189, 19:02

Man, this made me lol

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