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Series of Interviews - Dutch Marley

Day 1,688, 02:15 by Luis Nordmann
Hello fellow eAmerican public

As announced in my last article, I will be interviewing Party Presidents and PotUS candidates in the next days and I promise I will try to launch at least one interview per day.

So today, we have Dutch Marley, the Party President of Republican Liberty Caucus. As a party president of one of the top parties in eUSA, he accepted to give us a word of how is job is running and what are his political opinions. Having in consideration all this, here we go:

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Hello Party President Dutch Marley, how are you?

Dutch Marley - I am doing swimmingly. And yourself my good chap?

Dr Luis Sentieiro - I'm okay, just a little overworked I dare to say. So what is the balance you do of your party work now that we are in mid term?

Dutch Marley - I am always working to make sure the party is prospering. A number of people within the party all work hard to ensure that every cycle runs well. The party has been under some outside attacks. But you just keep on going.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What are your expectations for the next PotUS elections, who do you think that will win and why?

Dutch Marley - Glove. Because he is love.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Who do you think is more competent and more experient to be PotUS and why?

Dutch Marley - Glove. Easy answer. He has done it twice before. When he was potus before he setup great relations with our allies. He fought for our country rather than running away. Its easy to run but Glove said NUTS and fought on.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What internal projects did your party finish this term so far and what projects do you still intend to apply to make your party to the top?

Dutch Marley - There is one large project that is still being worked on. When it is finished it should be quite the news.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What are your political ambitions now that you are Party President?

Dutch Marley - No specific political ambitions as of now.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Do you intend to run for Party President for the next term?

Dutch Marley - I am hoping not to.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - What do you think of each of the other five top parties?

I like 3 out of the 4. And some people in the 4th.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - Do you have any political problem with any of the other Party Presidents or any politician? If so, tell us why.

Dutch Marley - Of the current party presidents I do not hold any grudges. There are very few people in the game that I hold in a bad light. And it takes a lot for me to put you there. But once you are there. Your normally there for good.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - I’d like you to make a comment regarding the last congress elections.

Dutch Marley - The elections were absolutely splendid. I do not think they could have went much better.

Dr Luis Sentieiro - If you have one last message to both eUSA public and International, please do so.

Dutch Marley - Do not let the trolls deceive you. Many times the loudest person is perceived to be the correct person. That is not a good path. Many things in this game will surprise you. Stay tuned...

I hope you, fellow American public have enjoyed this interview and feel free to comment/give opinions.

In the next nunbers of "The Drunk Donkey" we will have Alexander Auctoritas, the PP of USWP, Glove and Evry, our fellow Country President candidates interviewed, I hope you enjoy and find it interesting. Stay tuned! :)

Dr Luis Sentieiro
"The Drunk Donkey" press director


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