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Romanians, Polish are comming!

Day 1,879, 03:21 Published in Brazil Romania by Cosmin S



8-3=1 Day 1,879, 03:25

prima oara am citit "aye MADAM" : )

Geamspartincur Day 1,879, 03:29

HAHAHAAHAHA +1 si eu la fel Madam wtf?

Dafimoto Day 1,879, 03:31

cineva a trecut de la spate la fatza ...

010101010 Day 1,879, 03:55


PeroST Day 1,879, 03:59

hahahhaha LoL

Senshi San
Senshi San Day 1,879, 04:09


vali71 Day 1,879, 04:42

Zi-le tu Cosmine de la obraz, numai tu esti tata lor:D

Black Amorphis
Black Amorphis Day 1,879, 04:53

Asa mai merge Cosmine : ))

Naufragiatu Day 1,879, 05:26

"cumin"? self troll cumva?

Cosmin S
Cosmin S Day 1,879, 06:02

@Naufragiatu: girls are cumin' too : ) dar am prins ideea, editez.

Cosmin S
Cosmin S Day 1,879, 06:09

@8-3=1,Geamspartincur, Dafimoto, Naufragiatu: ati sesizat greseala, am comis-o : )))

emanuel smith
emanuel smith Day 1,879, 06:52

Trolling level over 9000 !

vali71 Day 1,879, 07:07

Master troll cu magic spell:D

uxini Day 1,879, 07:28

: ))) buna asta...

Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero Day 1,880, 17:50

Portuguese version please

Hallas CAT
Hallas CAT Day 1,880, 21:29

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