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Rewards [all 13 missions]

Day 2,032, 00:03 Published in Poland Poland by Swoosh.

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Prove Your Strength 1/4

Description: It takes a strong God to defeat a Titan, so a mere mortal must be very strong indeed.

Conditions: Increase your strength with 10 points

Rewards: Energy Bar: 1

© Swooshy

Prove Your Strength 2/4

Description: Don't be fooled, there's a long way left to reach the strength of Perses.

Conditions: Increase your strength with 90 points

Rewards: Energy Bar: 3

© Swooshy

Prove Your Strength 3/4

Description: Maybe you can't be as strong as a Titan, but Titans can't build ballistic rockets...

Conditions: Build 1 Rocket

Rewards: BH rocket: 1

© Swooshy

Prove Your Strength 4/4

Description: It seems you are almost ready. Now rise from the status of ordinary mortal and become a hero!

Conditions: Win a BH

Rewards: 4 x Big Bomb

© Swooshy

Prove Your Wisdom 1/4

Description: It's not going to be easy to overpower the Titan, but maybe you can outsmart him using your life experience.

Conditions: Have a job

Rewards: Energy Bar: 1

© Swooshy

Prove Your Wisdom 2/4

Description: Go out in the world and gain as much wisdom as you can for the big fight ahead.

Conditions: Recover 1500 Energy in 1 day

Rewards: Rocket: 1

© Swooshy

Prove Your Wisdom 3/4

Description: You may have some experience now, but Perses is thousands of years old

Conditions: Recover 3000 Energy in one day

Rewards: 3 Energy Bars

© Swooshy

Prove Your Wisdom 4/4

Description: All right, greenhorn, you have gathered ages of wisdom in just one day. Finish your initiation and face the Titan!

Conditions: Recover 5000 Energy in one day

Rewards: 50 Strength

© Swooshy

Prove Your Honor 1/4

Description: Even the Gods are afraid of the Titan, but they won't favour you in battle unless you prove to be an honorable fighter.

Conditions: Defeat 5 enemies

Rewards: bazooka: 3

© Swooshy

Prove Your Honor 2/4

Description: The Gods want you to travel the world and prove your clean heart in battle. Go ahead now, you cannot argue with the Gods.

Conditions: Fight in 2 different campaigns and defeat 25 enemies in each.

Rewards: Bazooka Booster: 3

© Swooshy

Prove Your Honor 3/4

Description: While you were travelling the world, a cult of Perses was formed and started to burn and pillage everything in their way. Stop them before their cult grows out of control!

Conditions: Defeat 200 Enemies

Rewards: Strength: 50

© Swooshy

Prove Your Honor 4/4

Description: You have gained the favour of the Gods! Fight in their name and they will raise your Rank Points to help you reach the might of Titan!

Conditions: Fight to inflict more than XXXXXXXXX damage (different BIG number for everyone)

Rewards: 10 % of XXXXXXXXX in Military Rank points

© Swooshy

The Last one ?

Description: Perses awaits for you on a mountaintop, breathing hot steam and sweating lava. Can you slay the legendary Titan and throw him from the cliffs back into the depths of the Underworld?

Defeat 200 enemies
Defeat Perses the Titan

5 Big Bombs
5 Small Bombs

© Swooshy



AzurefaIcon Day 2,032, 00:03

Yaaay, első vote : D Te pedig gyors vagy mint mindig

karaj22 Day 2,032, 00:04


Uhron Day 2,032, 00:04

juhúúúú!!!! \o/

Angel Vengador Caligula
Angel Vengador Caligula Day 2,032, 00:05


Haszontalan pkrusi
Haszontalan pkrusi Day 2,032, 00:05

egyelőre ennyi:D

Haszontalan pkrusi
Haszontalan pkrusi Day 2,032, 00:23

bár lehet toszok bele, és nem lövök 40 millás bht most

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,032, 00:29

Szerintem 70 millas BH se lesz eleg.

Haszontalan pkrusi
Haszontalan pkrusi Day 2,032, 00:29

most még van esély rá, sokan alszanak...

szenzorosintegracio Day 2,032, 00:41

20M damage a jutalom, aki 25M-t üt érte az már hülye

Haszontalan pkrusi
Haszontalan pkrusi Day 2,032, 00:42

ezen gondolkozom én is, hogy most kéne megnyomni a logutot

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,032, 00:58

Nem 20m a jutalom. Mert anelkul nem jutsz el a titanhoz.

szenzorosintegracio Day 2,032, 01:45

ez igaz, akkor 50Mig van értelme

szbszig Day 2,032, 00:05

Csak BH-s küldetés ne legyen, baszd meg, csak BH-s küldetés ne legyen több...

Rottler Day 2,032, 00:06


Tornyosj Day 2,032, 00:18

ez az még a múltkori bombák is megvannak, + csokik is állnak a raktárban
lesz ne mulass :DDD

Swoosh. Day 2,032, 08:15

majd szamolj be mi lett ... 32 a legkisebb BH amit latok, es vannak 160 asok is ...

Tornyosj Day 2,032, 08:46

aztán előfordulhat könnyen, hogy leégés lesz

FAF Skinner
FAF Skinner Day 2,032, 00:06

Pillo sitio

poggo Day 2,032, 01:30

Asi me gusta, entre tanto giri, un tio comodamente observando

FAF Skinner
FAF Skinner Day 2,032, 02:40

Que se vea el avatar de las FAF sisi

R a i d e n
R a i d e n Day 2,032, 00:07


dnbsoIdiers Day 2,032, 00:09

Prove Your Strength 3/4
Maybe you can't be as strong as a Titan, but Titans can't build ballistic rockets...

Build 1 Rocket

S. Timi
S. Timi Day 2,032, 00:11

Prove Your Strength 3/4
Build one rocket
Reward 1 small bomb

Indigodavo95 Day 2,032, 00:11

Good job..!

Maximio Day 2,032, 00:12

prove 3/4 1 bh rakétát ad.

S. Timi
S. Timi Day 2,032, 00:13

Prove Your Strength 4/4
Win a Battle Hero Medal

Nem úsztuk meg...

Sole_HUN Day 2,032, 00:14

vártál mást?

szbszig Day 2,032, 00:13

Szerintem ezeknek az új küldetéseknek a kitalálását te pénzeled. Mivel te vagy az, aki a legnagyobb hasznot húzza azon, hogy most már minden héten van valami marhaság.

Sole_HUN Day 2,032, 00:14

Megint BH rakétákat osztogatnak, mi lesz itt? DIV1 BH 20 millától? Nagyon ráálltak erre a küldetéses lefosztom az embereket vonalra, csak pénz éhség lenne vagy valaminek az előszele?

BigBoss77 Day 2,032, 00:14

Have a Job... So Creative!

McDevil Day 2,032, 00:14

Prove Your Strength 4/4
Win a Battle Hero Medal.

Elvis Tec
Elvis Tec Day 2,032, 00:16


Samdinys Day 2,032, 00:19

What's next? Build biggest club and slay a dinosaur?

Tornyosj Day 2,032, 00:24

that would be great

darkbulb Day 2,032, 00:20

Voted, thanks

szbszig Day 2,032, 00:22

Prove your Honour 3/4 az egy nap alatt 200 kill, vagy csak úgy összesen?

MadmanHUN Day 2,032, 00:22

Prove Your Honor 2/4
Előző küldi 5kill-je nem számít

dans.IP Day 2,032, 00:24

nice o7

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,032, 00:28

Well done, as always. o/

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,032, 00:29


szbszig Day 2,032, 00:31

Ha a Prove your Strength 3/4 már BH-t kér, mi kellhet vajon a 4/4-hez?...

AzurefaIcon Day 2,032, 00:33

Jót röhögnék ha CH-t kellene

GobnatIa Day 2,032, 00:36

Top fightert.

AzurefaIcon Day 2,032, 00:37

Amúgy a 3/4-ért rakétát kér, a 4/4-ért kér BH-t

loserock Day 2,032, 00:31

A jutalom 50 strength beleszámít az ,,Increase your strength with 90 points'' küldetésbe?

AzurefaIcon Day 2,032, 00:32

Én úgy tudom az nem szokott.

szbszig Day 2,032, 00:34

Eddig nem szokott.

Asklepije Day 2,032, 00:33



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