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Result of the Nov 15, 2012 Party Elections in ePH

Day 1,823, 21:00 by Al Raposas

Here are the results of the party presidential elections in all the ePhilippine political parties. Kindly subscribe to the Querier for more articles like this. Thank you for reading.

* New Philippines Party (formerly Sith Empire)
Winner: 27ist - 50.00% of the vote
Closest contender: Boy Pick Up - 50.00%

Winner: sematika - 65.22% of the vote
Closest contender: Fellomino - 21.74%

* Revolutionary Socialist Party
Winner: afat7979 - 65.38% of the vote
Closest contender: Avenger35 - 30.77%

* Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino
Winner: Vincenzo Roque - 61.11% of the vote
Closest contender: Al Raposas - 38.89%

* Democratic Party for Progress
Winner: Destoyer S87 (ran unopposed, garnered 100.00% of the vote)

* Filipino Communist Party
Winner: Deniz Kerasus - 75.00% of the vote
Closest contenders: Pinopinopino - 12.50%, juancda - 12.50%

* RD Philippines Movements
Winner: Deathless91 - 100.00% of the vote
Closest contender: Albericht Mordant - 0.00%

Brought to you by the Ministry of Education, now headed by me, Al Raposas



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