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Real Sportsmanship and Respect!

Day 1,849, 12:46 by hellrisen

After an epic fight, which I won in the very last minute:

Battle Link

I excepted a lot of swearing and bad words towards me. However, I was pleasantly surprised:

This is what I call real sportsmanship. Respect, my friend, the eWorld needs more people like you!




sudnzidvd Day 1,849, 12:54

You are so kind an respectful buddy.

Public.Enemy Day 1,849, 13:32

It was this campaign that made ​​memories
And make lasting friendships

Loving GREECE Day 1,850, 23:28

19кк изгубени за бг : )

deepz00ne Day 1,850, 05:51

въпроса е ако ти беше загубил дали щеше да му напишеш същото ?

hellrisen Day 1,850, 07:08

@Bulgaria on three seas - voinata sreshtu turciq e nai-golqmata prostotiq koqto mojehme da napravim v momenta, tam az otkazvam da se biq.

kiril73 Day 1,850, 12:31


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