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Please watch out for SCAMMER!!!!!

Day 1,817, 00:53 Published in Netherlands Ireland by Vlam

Sorry, but couldn't printscreen and upload it here.

Watch out!!!, It's only a $ under US market price.
He sent me 500 Q1 weps instead of 500 Q7. Unfortunatly I haven't been the only one scammed.!!!

eRepublik – Online Strategy Game
eRepublik Fan Page

00:36 Nov 09 Day 1,816 of the New World

• My places
• Wars
• Market
• Community
• Gold and Extras


700 / 700
Recover Energy
Recover 10 more in 00:01:04


Final products
•Q1 386
•Q7 54
eRepublik – Online Strategy Game
eRepublik Fan Page

00:41 Nov 10 Day 1,817 of the New World


700 / 700
Recover Energy
Recover 10 more in 00:02:12


Final products
•Q1 886
•Q7 54

The igm's :

Q7 weps

Vlam to Alexander of Babylon | 13 hours ago

You are selling Q7 weps for 18.5 I saw???


Alexander of Babylon to Vlam | 12 hours ago
yes 1500q7

Vlam to Alexander of Babylon | 1 hours ago
For starters I would love to have 500 pieces. Will transfer funds to your account right away.


Alexander of Babylon to Vlam | 49 minutes ago
Uspješno prebačen(o) 500 artikl(ala) za Vlam.
ty :)

Vlam to Alexander of Babylon | 14 minutes ago
Why did you sent me Q1 weapons????

Alexander of Babylon to Vlam | 12 minutes ago
i send you q7

Vlam to Alexander of Babylon | 6 minutes ago
no you did not. you sent me Q1 weps. I only had and still have 54 Q7 weps

Vlam to Alexander of Babylon | 5 minutes ago
Please sent me the Q7 and I will sent back the Q1.

Alexander of Babylon to Vlam | 5 minutes ago
maybee bug ask admin

Vlam to Alexander of Babylon | 4 minutes ago
no bug. It's called rip off dude.!

Alexander of Babylon to Vlam | 2 minutes ago
no it is called lie scammer

Vlam to Alexander of Babylon | one minute ago
I believe that's right. It IS called a Lie, scammer!!!

Go F yourself loser



Schoft Day 1,817, 01:45

I hate Yugoslav scammers

Gwom Day 1,817, 02:05

Thanks for let us know

Xyrrath Day 1,817, 02:19

As a trader never send the items first. If someone wants your items he must start the trade.

Weekstrom Day 1,817, 02:19

thx for letting us know!

Weekstrom Day 1,817, 02:20

ehhh, Xyrrath, thats what happened here....

Bautista Diego Reyes
Bautista Diego Reyes Day 1,817, 02:37

Thanks for letting us know, these kids sometimes take it way too far.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,817, 02:46

That guy is banned from #mercenaries.
he's on our blacklist

Master Goku
Master Goku Day 1,817, 03:41

Noes our Mighty hero vlam is getting spammed NOOOES </3 Let him burn

Vlam Day 1,817, 04:15

Sorry for the strange way of making this Msg. But couldn't work out print screen.

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,817, 10:16

It's very difficult to trust anyone on this game. The ones that are super nice are even more suspect...

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,817, 10:45

Why I never in my life trade on this game and never will.

Maginner Day 1,817, 13:23

This guy sucks ;/

Gepard007 Day 1,817, 13:46

This guy has Slovenian citizenship but I think he actually comes from Argentina. Be careful of him. My contacts from Slovenia already wrote a lot about him. I am sorry Vlam that I didn't mentioned it here because I thought it wouldn't get so far and him coming to scum also Dutch people :S Watch out!!

SandaX Day 1,817, 14:20

Got into a little chat with this guy after being scammed myself. He already made over 700.000 cc this way. Admins cant and wont take any action on him.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,817, 15:44

It's a good thing to publish names of scammers, so all of us can get informed!
Alexander of babylon is a known scammer, I see his name mentioned about that often in shouts, and also on irc.

EASTINDIANCompany Day 1,818, 01:52

I cant believe those players can continue their actions?

d 23
d 23 Day 1,846, 09:39


sub 38

Media Mogul Medal Project 5

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