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Otyat "The Duck" Minister of the Economy Report

Day 1,844, 02:02 by otyat

Minister of the Economy “OTYAT” (Prince Mighty Duck), checking the finances of our Kingdom

Well as you all know at this stage (and if you don’t you do now) I am currently your Minister of the Economy ,… I am the “CASH DUCK”, …I am sitting on the top of the “GOLDEN EGG”, you get what I mean, and with this position …comes POWER,….comes RESPECT (lol) …. comes TITLES “Prince Mighty Duck” has a ring to it………. and you the “people” of eSaudi Arabia get a “trust-worthy” and “cute” Duck to be in charge of the economy (at least the spread-sheets) so you are in safe-hands………you can “trust” me!!!!. ……really, your money will be well spent.

Minister Otyat “LOVING” the people on the way to a council meeting in his new “Customised” Congress Car.

Now before I hit Riyadh tonight with my “Ducketts”, to enjoy the excellent “Night-Club” scene (….small Quack), the jewellery shops and the Car showrooms, let me give you a quick summary of our economy this week………..ready ………. Ok…….”We are doing fine”…………that’s it.

SUDDENLY: *Otyat gets a call on his “golden mobile phone from Venrick von Lucia*
Venrick: What the hell, kind of summary is that!!!!

Otyat: Hello, your excellency, may the ground you walk on “bloom with roses”, may your wives “pleasure your every moment” , may your chickens lay “eggs in abundance” , may your camels ………

Venrick: Listen here “Prince Duckie”, ………the people need more information about the economy, I want Numbers published, I want Graphs, I want transparency in Government,…. Our people demand this information… you understand!!!!!! …and what about my camels!!!!!!

Otyat: Ohhhh Ok, I understand loud and clear your Excellency…..and your camels!!!!!.....ohhh yeah may their humps be soft for thou royal buttocks……Good night your Excellency

*Otyat put’s the phone down and thinks!!!!!!..........of his “Ducketts” and how he can make them more transparent!!!!!!* and of course the Economy as well.




Dytowi Day 1,844, 02:23

voted bro

k.a.r.o.b.i Day 1,844, 02:24


eltoki Day 1,844, 04:41

V !

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,844, 05:06


I-G-D Day 1,844, 06:28

Voted. ; )

KSA Fighter
KSA Fighter Day 1,844, 07:43


hazem95 Day 1,844, 09:13

VOted good

4mergin Day 1,844, 11:01

good job, mate ;]

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,845, 09:23


wars 7
wars 7 Day 1,845, 17:04


Anoir Guevara
Anoir Guevara Day 1,846, 13:06

VOTED ! we are going straight to increase our power with new fighters coming from all arabic countries ^^

our enemies must say GOOD BYE

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