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Day 1,777, 06:49 Published in South Korea South Korea by ManuR

The New Year is getting closer and closer every day.
For all my friends I have a box of candies, an advice and an optimistic song.

Recommendation: image contains a link to a song. Together with images music is a universal language.
Enjoy the life and the game.

ManuR, e-South Korean citizen



uxini Day 1,777, 07:42

october m&m or october fest? : )

ManuR Day 1,777, 07:54

unixi, do you want a beer ?

uxini Day 1,777, 08:09

if you call me unixi then you are very drunk ... and yes, can you give me one beer please?

ManuR Day 1,777, 09:38

tomorrow dear, I'll give you beer. : - )

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