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New Era- New Launch pt 2 Positions Avaliable

Day 1,909, 00:57 by Angela Williams

New Era - New Launch part 2 positions available

If you haven't read my last article I suggest you do so here

In todays article I will be explaining how you as new era members can get involved and improve your high political standing, and increase your fun of the game. I am looking to change new Era from top to bottom for two reasons.
1) for the best interest of New era members.
2 For the best interest of the United Kingdom and all her allies.

The best way to do this is to create jobs within the party the jobs we have available are, Retention, Recruitment, Media, donations.

This position will be a paid position based on results. All this position involves is showing off New Era by articles if you chose or messaging your friends to tell them how good we are. Top paid recruiters sill watch to see if there are any citizens that are online who aren't in a party.

All recruiters will be given any help they need, and will be highly respected by the party for their efforts. So message me now and apply with subject recruiting.

This isn't a paid role but it is the most fun role we are offering. All you have to do in this is to either think of games that can be played on the forums, irc channels, shout feeds or news papers ( if you don't know what one of these are then just ask me)

All of the games you suggest for articles will be placed at the bottom of official New Era media presentations, and will help the party engaged. Please by all means send in your one off ideas or images for caption competitions, sodoku images or any riddles that you have all will be used.

The other side of retention is make friends. Yes we are offering party posts for you just to talk to people any new players we want our members to help them out show them the ropes and generally help to build up the community of New Era.

If you are interested in a retention Party position please send me a PM subject retention and tell me your ideas or what you want to do for New Era.

This isn't a paid role but for top quality guides ad articles I might give out some donations. In this role I want a weekly article summary of what has been going on in the party. Maybe even a Party Finance report, a look at our Military Unit the British Army. There could be a section on foreign affairs, or any news that week. In regards to lay out I am not very fussy and will let the media Managers decide what they want.

I also would like to see guides written to help new players and these guides could also be given to retention officers to make their job easier. These articles will also benefit the Uk as a whole, what is the point of a political party if it doesn't contribute positively to the country it is in? So here at New Era we want to build up the UK just as much as the party.

Don't like writing? Can you make designs logos or any graphics we are always on the look out for people who can create brilliant graphics for our Articles.

I you are interested in a job in the media side of things then please message me subject media and tell me your ideas, interests or what you think would be a good idea.

This is normally one of the least popular ideas and rightly so, so I plan to lead by example I will be donating 20% of my earnings to the NE bank.

We are planning loads of new things to help new players, this economic module is making it too hard for new players so we plan to ease them into the poor economic climate with grants and free interest loans as well as other party funded schemes.

Now you can donate as a one off or you can pledge to give every day (or weekly) a certain percentage of your profit to the new Era Bank. And as an incentive I promise that if 5 people start to donate a percentage ( however small or large) of their earnings to the party Bank, I promise that I will donate 100% of my income to the party bank for a month. And if those 5 people continue to give then I will continue to give.

For now please donate all you can to the New Era Bank via my account. If you want to give a percentage of your earnings then please message me so I know how much and of I need to start donating 100%. I have a figure in my head of 20,000 cc in the party bank by our first financiL report so please help to support New Era.

As i mentioned in my last article we will be updating policies if you want to see policies changed PM me with your ideas, subject policies. I know i risk the chance of getting my message clogged up but that's what i want to see an active and helpful New Era.

So apply now to get an official part position and be involve in New Era.

Join us Today
British Army Chat room

Daniel Quayle
Vice Party President.



Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 1,909, 01:15

Great article once again , we really need every members help moving our party forward , so come on, get active and we can bulid a better tomorrow !

hollenboer Day 1,909, 01:58


Bardokva Day 1,909, 02:01


Alphabethis Day 1,909, 02:09

great ideas.

Consett Ripper
Consett Ripper Day 1,909, 02:34

V 16

GNimmo Day 1,909, 02:52

Some good ideas in here. V18

HouseHoldName Day 1,909, 03:10

v19 and have donated 10 golds

Damien P Fleming
Damien P Fleming Day 1,909, 03:14

Hmmm.. is this article not slightly the same as Part 1?

Ewan Dougall
Ewan Dougall Day 1,909, 03:21

v20, not donated yet but have been in communication with Don regularly and been growing my WRM income to help fund more q7s and can now offer 7k WRM a day. Would be happy to help sort/tally/organise the party treasury if help if desired/required.

P.S the WRM works out at 95% of my income of around 220GBP a day. Will sort with don a method of selling and donating back funds with him.


Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,909, 04:13

it isn't the same but it is similar hence it being part 2 of the article series

Damien P Fleming
Damien P Fleming Day 1,909, 04:30

@Daniel Quayle Why did you delete your original post you tit? lol

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,909, 05:18

Because I have fat fingers and a small phone I can try and re post it if you want

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,909, 05:19

Good stuff seems life New Era has the Eye of the Tiger !

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 1,909, 05:28

voted and supported.

VorteX.MK Day 1,909, 05:40

voted and supported.

TTXXX Day 1,909, 06:04

voted and supported

oO HYBRID Xx Day 1,909, 10:23


brian65 Day 1,909, 15:27

voted and supported

jamesw Day 1,910, 08:05

Who decides who gets money from the bank?

Morg00n Day 1,911, 04:38


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