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New Era: 1 Month Plan

Day 1,834, 11:45 by Goku Jones

Hey, in this article I am going to give an overview of the plan for New Era over the next month and also look at what we can improve from the last week.

Why one month from this moment in particular?

Usually PPs plan for their monthly term but that only gives about a week to get ready for Congress Elections. This is the most important election for us where we are as a party right now, Party President and Country President don't matter so much.

You may have noticed that I did 1 big article per day and 5 big articles in 24 hours just before the election to get everything ready, even then I had to skimp on the recruitment despite also sending lots of PMs - honestly I wasn't prepared. 10 days isn't enough so I'm going to use the next 30 to plan for the next one.

Still, we got a great result this time around. As a percentage of all UK Party Members we are only about 17% yet we got 20% of the vote. We should only get 6 Congressmen based on that but we got 8 Congressmen.

This means that either New Era is more active than other parties or that we get more neutral voters and are winning the debates in the media. Good news either way!

We did do better last month but that is because there were less neutral voters this month as ESO outbid us for PCP support, they are worth 2 Congressmen which accounts for the loss - doesn't matter as they wouldn't have voted with us anyway. Let's not forget UKPP's epic defeat of TUP which gave them a lot of momentum and newbie votes too!

So firstly congratulations to everyone who got elected:

Angel With Attitude
2012 Player, 1st Time Congressman.

2012 Player, 1st Time Congressman.

Huey George
Small Party Member, 1st Time Congressman.

2012 Player, 2nd Time Congressman.

2012 Player, 2nd Time Congressman.

James Scarlet
1 Year Player, 2nd Time Congressman.

2012 Player, 2nd Time Congressman.

Prince Andrei
2012 Player, 1st Time Congressman.

75% New Players. 25% Relatively Unknown Players.
50% 1st Time Congressmen. 50% 2nd Time Congressmen.

With these stats and the open way in which we chose them, we are the only party which can claim that we are totally committed to developing new players and have no corruption at all.

The first central pillar of New Era should be developing its members, not its leadership.

We had our second IRC policy meeting on Sunday. Turnout was even lower than the first one! It doesn't work.

That is fine though, it's just that external websites for this game are not popular or even necessary. I realise this now and will adjust accordingly, should have been pretty obvious really!

The second central pillar of New Era should be representing players who play the game, from the game.

What we will do instead is decide policy via in game methods. I will experiment with a few things to see which suits best but some options are:
* Shout box
* Article Comments
* Private Messages
* Google Doc Form

We already had an experiment with the shout box on the party feed; it's too buggy and has a comment cap - so that is out already. Watch out for the next experiment soon in this newspaper!

Our biggest focus now needs to be on recruitment.

We did slack on this a little almost on purpose to allow UKPP to defeat TUP in first rank. The newbie magnet #1 rank party being replaced with a friendly party is a big gain for us, now we need to follow them and also overtake TUP to get rank #2.

I've done a bit of prep work with some help and inspiration from Don Dapper and Angel With Attitude and have 5 different ways for us to recruit and the means to track it. We have resources ready and waiting for you to use!

Please PM me to become a New Era Recruiter. There are some potentially massive Gold rewards in this which I will discuss in PM with you.

We have done a fantastic job taking over the media during the Congress Election and I awarded Congress slots based on how much people did. Next time there will be slots for this again so keep up the fantastic work.

There will also be slots for the people who recruit the most people to the party so please get in touch if you want to run for Congress next month.

For Country President Elections we will be concentrating on growing the party, I don't think that we have anyone ready yet to win an election. We will be lobbying to get our members into the Government though to pick up the required exposure and experience.

No candidates from other parties have come forwards yet but as I said in my manifesto, supporting UKPP is likely.

In the Party President elections I want one of our rising stars to run. I'll gladly step aside as long as you follow this plan :)

Final word is on community relations. Please New Era members do not engage any trolls in combat. You cannot win. Leave them alone and focus on promoting our own policies and positive aspects.

As funny as some of your reactions have been, TUP have suffered massive damage to their vote and membership due to their negative media presence and we don't want to be branded the same as them - which some people are trying to do.

Remember that Sages are wise, content, happy and always positive!

I've listed to the Citizenship Pass flaming and it's all a bit ridiculous. New ideas and experimentation is just what the UK needs to get out of this multi-year rut / "well managed" decline.

The third central pillar of New Era should be experimenting with new methods and concepts, without fear.

I will be suggesting that all of our new Congressmen follow the system which I drew up, however it is currently New Era Policy that Congressmen can use their own judgement (just like UKPP Congressmen) so they can do what they like and don't have to agree with me.

What I will do is take some action on the Party President meeting we had last week, which should satisfy the genuine concerns over this.

We agreed to have a set of guidelines for Congressmen to follow on who is and isn't a good choice to give Citizenship to - although we didn't manage to get the second meeting where we would decide what those guidelines would be.

The guidelines I will give the New Era Congressmen is to only accept new players from other countries - those with around 3 months or less in the game. If these guys wanted to PTO us they would just make a new account to do so and pretend to be British.

More common sense and less hysteria please.

This article was written by a member of New Era, Join the newest political movement in the UK!
* Run for Congress!
* Fight for the UK!
* Make eUK a better place!

Get in touch at #NewEra and #BulldogsHQ on Rizon IRC, Comment or send me a PM.

- Sage Goku, Party President of New Era


Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,834, 11:49

I'm serious on the recruiting. PM me to give it a go. Potential big Gold rewards and Congress spot for you to earn!

Commander Dapper
Commander Dapper Day 1,834, 11:59

Very good work !

Fenraar Day 1,834, 12:03

Love it.

Victor Ki
Victor Ki Day 1,834, 12:14

Beautiful work.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,834, 12:53

Fenraar has started recruiting with some commitment, he will be PP if he keeps this up! Someone stop him.

solonkwok Day 1,834, 15:33


Alphabethis Day 1,834, 15:34

goku, voted, give me instructions for recruiting.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,834, 16:16

On a constructive note, google docs are not in game : )
You also don't need to lobby to get people into government, anyone interested & active can just PM Talon this month, and he'll help arrange a position for you.

blakzamurai77 Day 1,834, 17:32


Huey George
Huey George Day 1,835, 23:20

voted, an excellent read as per usual

Frerk Day 1,835, 23:20

Pillars? Like the Pillars of Islam?

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,835, 00:23

Yeah why not Frerk?

Danie obviously googledocs are not ingame, but there is a whoel world of difference between sitting on IRC for hours, coming a forum for information and doing a tick box on a googleform.

BigAnt Day 1,835, 02:22

Good luck guys

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Day 1,835, 03:11

IRC meetings aren't great as not everyone can get on for a certain time, however we should push for people going on irc as much as possible. Policy can still be discussed when not everyone is there.
So to clarify, just accept anyone from anywhere, as long as they're months old?

Dr Hugh Jardon
Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,835, 04:46

Absolutely brilliant article Goku. Can't fault you on that and your positive outlook is one i shall mirror.

I hope you again are PP this month because you will take us from strength to strength O7

jamesw Day 1,835, 05:55

'We will be lobbying to get our members into the Government though to pick up the required exposure and experience.'

Anyone who wants exposure/experience need only ask. I'm all but certain I pm'd an NE member who complained and I've started answering his questions / giving him tips already. Also, I wouldn't want a government that was there purely through lobbying: instead, why not give people overviews of what government is or does, what is to be expected, and helpful hints.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,835, 08:58

It's the Adjective Police!

I meant encouraging New Era members to apply, although some did get turned down last month.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,835, 09:44

Lobbying's a verb!

Google docs are no good because you can impersonate other people, and they can be edited by their owner, something that is not possible in game.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,835, 10:33

You can put security on them and they can be shared with others. It's an option that may be tested, chill out.

Alphabethis Day 1,835, 13:20

goku, let them bark, we ride.

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Day 1,835, 18:44

i still don't get the piss-yellow british flag....

jizman Day 1,835, 21:35

v123 shot344

Saeed Best
Saeed Best Day 1,836, 23:32

v126 s345

Sam010 Day 1,836, 03:28

Lauren, if that colour says 'piss-yellow' to you, you need to drink a hell of a lot more water or visit a doctor.

Goku Jones
Goku Jones Day 1,836, 05:35

I need to edit it to be more buttercup or sunshine yellow! I didn't choose the logo!

Alphabethis Day 1,836, 10:24

ufff,, I need to make another article about logo making....

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